Monday, April 07, 2008

Who'd You Rather Have A Beer With?

A Website has setup a poll asking just this question, in regard to the remaining presidential candidates. The respondents are given a map of the United States which enables them to click on their respective state and choose whom they'd most like to imbibe with. Would you believe that thus far Senator John McCain is in the lead?

This poll got me to thinking just how carefully the candidates' own *campaign managers have been protecting them from fielding questions which could really be of a threat to their campaigns.

*I remember a time when "9-11 Loose Change" film maker Dylan Avery had some of his colleagues attend a speaking engagement by one of the early presidential hopefuls. An astute campaign worker overheard some of the less than popular questions which they had planned to ask this politician and had security people remove them from the building; however, not before they could cause a bit of a scene.

And while some of the questions asked of these candidates appeared to have each of them on the proverbial ropes for a time, none were ever a legitimate threat in their quest to attain the highest office in the land. In fact, each of the candidates appeared to ultimately benefit by their respective challenges.

However, none of them has ever really been thrown a hard ball.

For example, have either Obama, Clinton, or McCain ever been asked how they would handle the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS' criminal operations, if they were to be elected president?

Of course not.

Because if they were asked this question, there are enough people who've seen Aaron Russo's documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism, who would immediately know if these candidates were being truthful or not.

And if any of them actually answered truthfully as Congressman Ron Paul did, their charge to the Whitehouse would be stopped dead in its tracks, by those powerful few (the Zionist international Jewish bankers) who in reality control the office which they are looking to attain.

A Catch 22 type of situation in which no matter how they answer this question, they can't possibly win. So the question is never asked of them. Instead they continue spewing their politically correct rhetoric, and in doing so unintentionally reveal to the American people that regardless of which of them manages to get elected, they will continue the decade's old tradition of maintaining the US status quo, while refraining from ever initiating any meaningful changes that would actually benefit the American working class.

As for having a beer with one of these candidates, they're all extremely intelligent and worldly people. A little too worldly, I'm afraid, since they all seem to have a firm grasp of what is necessary to attain the role of president and to keep it; not to mention the considerable wealth which is to be had after their respective terms in office have been served.

Not that Senator's Clinton or McCain have to be concerned in that department, since both are already multi-millionaires, and Senator Obama is making a name for himself as a gifted orator who will probably, like former President Bill Clinton, make millions a year in speaking engagements once he leaves office (assuming that he gets elected).

The next president, like all others since the late Lyndon Johnson will focus on maintaining the US status quo, and appeasing those very powerful and lesser known Washington inhabitants who quietly rule with an iron fist. These people have no use for a motivated president who has wide eyes and great intentions for the American people. A president like that is very dangerous to their corrupt ways of covertly governing this country. Only a president who will ensure that the US Military - Industrial - Intelligence - Media complex continues to proliferate as it has for the past sixty years -- and under their watchful eye -- will ever be allowed to "rule the proverbial roost. "

And never has this been more apparent than in what happened to the last US President who actually made his own decisions, and in so doing terrified these corrupt powers to such an extent that they had him murdered.

His name was John F. Kennedy, and we all know how short his reign as commander in chief was -- that is back in the day when the US President truly was the commander in chief, and not one of the Illuminist puppets who've occupied the White House ever since.

Of the three remaining candidates, Barack Obama certainly offers the naive American voter what is on the surface a fresh new perspective on ruling this country. However, we saw this same new perspective in the early years of the Clinton Administration, which quickly morphed into something closer to the Bush #41 Administration. So the Clinton's really never were the breath of fresh air that Americans thought they were getting.

What was it that author William Saffire wrote about the Clintons shortly before they left the White House? Something to the effect of their dirty business dealings left such a taint on Washington, that they should have trailered the White House back to Arkansas with them after they left office.

However, the White House remained, and the Clintons moved to the Democratically controlled State of New York, where Hillary, carpet bagger that she is, began orchestrating what may turn out to be a cyclical event, should she win the next election.

The real question is if he's elected president, will Barack Obama ultimately end up acquiecing to those who control Washington? I truly suspect that he will, for if he ever attempts to exercise his own judgement in any way which threatens their precious status quo, the same group of people (well, their progeny that is) will find a way in which to neutralize him.

And there's also the pride of being the first African American elected to the highest office in the land which he must consider. No small accomplishment by any means, and something which given his superb oratory skills, would probably lead to a very lucrative speaking career after he leaves office.

Which is why I think that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States; even if he ultimately ends up as yet another pawn of the Illuminist regime which controls this government.

So of the three candidates left, who will have the most positive influence on America?

In my opinion, none of them.

Revisiting the beer question:

As for having a beer with JFK, one can be certain that he would have been anything but dull.
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