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The FEDS' Use Of Broadcasters To Take Part In Psychological Warfare -- Another Venue In Which The Psyches Of TI's Are Attacked By US Intel Predators

When FBI Entrapment Schemes Fail
US Intel's Use Of Psywarfare To Destroy A Person's Mind

Many mind control targets who have not only been illegally spied upon by way of government agencies like the NSA and FBI for years, but also subjected to remote forms of mind control research within the privacy of their own homes, have also reported that radio and TV broadcasters are often utilized in the psychological warfare campaigns being used against them.

I have experienced this so often that I am frequently forced to use the mute button on my tuner's remote control (a tuner/preamp which was damaged by the NSA a few days ago), to block these covert attacks; attacks in which broadcasters are wittingly or unwittingly using certain words as psychological triggers -- it also appears that many have purposely made mistakes while on the air as part of these psychological operations. I have read of the accounts of several other TI's who have described something similar in both radio and TV broadcasts.

(Note that this is not the same situation which I described when the NSA took over my TV programming in the Summer of 2003, in which they substituted their own demented programming in place of it.) The broadcasting errors that I am describing here are being done deliberately as psyops, and indicative of how easily the FEDS can manipulate the US Media, given the Federal Communication Commission's control over all electronic media.

These are the kind of mistakes that radio personalities would have lost their jobs over years ago; now they seem to be deliberately committing such errors in order to help perpetrate psywarfare operations against American citizens targeted for COINTELPRO'S.

* How nice it would be to have a radio which immediately mutes when something other than music is being broadcast -- allowing listeners to completely avoid being subjected to advertising and propagandized news broadcasts. We need such a radio in America -- however the FCC would surely declare such a device to be illegal.

Only the FBI and DHS could be initiating such a situation in which broadcasters are taking part in this criminal conspiracy against mind control targets. A situation in which absolute denial of these crimes by these federal agencies is taking place -- another indication of the abject fascism which has now swept over the United States.

Especially when one witnesses the coercive tactics used by agencies like the FBI and DHS, to force the families of those being targeted into a complete state of prostration, under the threat of arrest, or even the loss of their homes, jobs, or reputations. Something which has been commonly reported by a myriad of individuals being targeted for the crimes of mind control research and organized stalking; TI's who now report that their very own families have been forced to engage in the psychological warfare being perpetrated against their persons.

Is it any wonder why the families of TI's would end up hating them, given the FEDS' relentless attacks on these people? Attacks in which these federal psychopaths do not let up in their harassment, while using organized stalking groups as an adjunct in these attacks. The FBI is the primary culprit here, using the NSA to do its illegal spying for it, while colluding with DHS in the demonization and character assassinations of those being targeted for these depraved crimes.

A deplorable situation in which there is absolutely no rule of Constitutional law.

Operation Desperation -- US Intel's Obfuscative Smokescreen

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations is how it is able to manipulate the families and associates of those it targets for these crimes, into denying what the FBI has done, while attacking the TI's themselves for situations which they are not responsible for causing.

Instead, the families of these TI's (out of fear of being subjected to the same types of vicious smear campaigns that their TI family members have already been subjugated to) help to aid and abet the FBI's criminal activities, thus allowing the bureau to continue to perpetrate these treasonous attacks on other Americans unabated.

It is a vicious and unacceptable cycle of contemptible crimes which the FBI has been getting away with since its inception in 1908, which must one way or another come to an end. And these crimes will come to an end.

Still worse is that it's this type of intimidation which agencies like the FBI use to fabricate information about a TI, when the bureau can't arrest them legally. And as far as the FEDS are concerned, everything in the TI's life is fair game (especially since the treasonous Patriot Act was passed). Moreover, because of this the FBI will coerce families and former acquaintances of TI's into blatantly lying about them, in order to save themselves from being attacked by the FEDS.

It's just easier for them to do so, since if everyone gangs up on the TI, then they avoid being targeted by the FEDS' for these Nazi-style attacks -- attacks which are now commonplace throughout the United States, and which if not ended are going to be the genesis of another civil revolution in this country.

Such lawless attacks are perhaps the best illustration of the kind of unchecked authority that the FBI has, as well as the US Congress and Justice Departments' inability (or perhaps refusal) to reign the bureau in; regardless of how treasonous its crimes have become.

To put it plainly, the FBI, NSA and DHS are mind raping criminal thugs, who utilize satellites and super computers to help themselves to what information they are looking for, regardless of how horribly they are violating the rights of those they target. In particular I cite the NSA's use of electronic brain link technology to remotely target the brainwaves emanating from a TI's skull, and to electronically steal the TI's thoughts from right out of their heads. This is being reported nationally by many people who have reported being illegally spied on by way of satellite within the privacy of their own homes; those who have also documented their experiences with being remote neurally monitored as well as subjected to physical pain and suffering by way of directed energy weaponry which is being deployed by way of these weaponized satellites.

The only terrorists here are those within government agencies like the NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA and the US Military, who use these hi-tech and deadly satellite toys of theirs to covertly experiment on a nation of unwitting human guinea pigs. And this situation as bad it is already is, is getting worse by the day.

Something has to be done.

Where the hell is due process of law here, much less respect for the 4Th and 5Th Amendments to the US Constitution? The FEDS will just BS their way through this as well, knowing full well that they are perpetrating the most outrageous crimes against American citizens ever documented.

The bottom line is that these federal criminals don't give a damn about the law.

Moreover, they attack with reckless abandon anyone whom they decide to target, while blatantly ignoring their own laws. Many TI's have reported becoming completely enraged at being subjected to such attacks on a daily basis, by the diseased mindset of these federal agencies.

And to say that these FEDS don't fight fair must be the greatest understatement of all time, since every aspect of their criminal operations is dependent on their being able to pathologically deceive this nation at all times, while covertly torturing and murdering American citizens.

Their attacks on my person are indicative of the extensive documentation that I have amassed revealing the criminal ways in which these federal reprobates operate. To put it succinctly, these are some really bad people who no longer follow any rule of law except that of the jungle.

And given their abjectly criminal attacks on my person (and more importantly my own Family), they can be certain that in spite of their toxic demonization campaign, I will document every aspect of what these Constitution raping thugs perpetrate against my person, and anyone else whom I learn of who's been targeted for such Orwellian crimes.

No one should have to take being abused day in and day out by a group of megalomanical sadistic miscreants who truly believe that they have the right to torture, poison and murder anyone of their choosing. And the fact that many of us have been subjected to the manipulation of our thoughts has only allowed for a situation in which we are not going to back down, regardless of how extreme the adversity we are facing becomes.

This is simply not an option any longer.

Of course, such clandestine actions are done with the express intent of labeling those reporting these crimes as being psychologically imbalanced, so that they can be incarcerated in a psychiatric facility, where they will become easier prey for the government predators who have a history of conducting such insidious non consensual human experimentation. The CIA and its infamous MKULTRA program are perhaps the best examples of how extensive and treasonous the criminality within the US Intelligence community has always been. See Orlikow VS United States to learn more about these terrible crimes:

And at some point during their unending harassment, most TI's arrive at the unpleasant conclusion that the level of the mind control/organized stalking conspiracy taking place against their persons is immense; comprising federal, state, and local governments, as well as the communities of those being targeted for such depraved crimes. All while the persons being targeted are driven to suicide, or subjected to further psychological warfare, in efforts to drive them to the commission of criminal acts which would eventually justify legal action against them.

In the meantime, these TI's are subjected to an unending stream of psychological (and oftentimes physical abuse) abuse by those perpetrating these crimes, in what is the most despicable display of inhumanity ever documented. That of a diseased mindset which has swept entire continents -- and one initiated by the Nazi ideology of the murderous Illuminati, who now control every aspect of our own governments and economies.

** Mind control targets are also remote neurally monitored by the NSA to determine which psyops are most effective. The NSA does so by using a maser beam in which to electronically access a targeted person's sub vocalized thoughts, and then transmitting them via spy satellite to a supercomputer at the NSA's main headquarters in Fort Mead, Maryland. Here the TI's thoughts are then decoded into words so that an NSA cryptologist can actually read what the TI is thinking on a computer screen -- the most outrageous violation of civil rights in US History.

And if one thousandth of one percent of the American population is aware of this, it's probably a lot.

However, in spite of its illegality, this satellite predation by the NSA remains a very effective means in which the agency can determine which psychological operations are most effective in enraging the targeted person, and which are ineffective.

Remember, what we are talking about here is the remote accessing of the human brain by way of super computer to furtively conduct mind control research. This is one of many operations which the NSA has been quietly conducting for decades.

This electronic brain link technology also gives the NSA the ability to steal the intellectual property of any person it targets, without the person's knowledge or consent.

So it doesn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to know that should the public learn of the NSA's stealth spying technology and its covert application in undermining their privacy, one can only imagine how quickly a myriad of precedent setting lawsuits citing egregious violations of the 4Th Amendment, would be filed against the NSA; a situation which would and should eventually lead to its abolition.

The information that I document on this Website regarding the NSA's extreme violations of the US Constitution is not only painfully accurate, but also why I am being attacked as aggressively by these federal satellite predators as I am.

Both the NSA and FBI are well aware of the extensive crimes that they have conducted against my person , which is why there is absolutely no rule of law in what they are doing, and why they continue to block my posts on the Independent Media Center Websites regarding John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and my own corroboration that this technology does in fact exist, and is being deployed against a very large number of Americans, without their knowledge or consent.

When was the last time that you ever heard of someone reporting having been illegally tracked by way of satellite, and both spied upon and videotaped twenty four hours a day for the better part of three decades,while having their brainwaves tapped into by way of a supercomputer?

In all likelihood never.

Such surveillance has absolutely nothing to do with a legitimate criminal investigation, since the rule of Constitutional law is routinely violated. Such violations are instead an indication of a criminal conspiracy being waged by US Federal agencies in which to deny an American citizen their rights under the color of law -- a crime which the FBI in particular has been charged with preventing, yet is clearly perpetrating in its attacks of my person (and many other TI's).

US Intel's Crimes Under The Color Of Law Now Commonplace

The Internet is now loaded with thousands of Websites documenting such egregious violations of American citizens, as well as citizens from many other countries who have also reported being attacked by their own government's through the use of such satellite predation.

And as one TI put it, any federal agent who would use a satellite to sexually assault a TI by way of directed energy weapons is a sexual predator -- in this case a "hi-tech" sexual predator.

Unfortunately, there are many sick minded federal agents who are using this technology to attack others in such depraved ways, and will only be stopped when these crimes are exposed on a global scale. Provided that those of us who are presently being so viciously attacked are not murdered first.

Many TI's already have been.

And since an outright murder of my person would be far too obvious at this point (given the hot potato nature of their crimes against myself), the FEDS have taken the only logical tack which they can -- an enormous demonization campaign in which to completely obfuscate the crimes which they have perpetrated against me -- standard operating procedure when they are caught committing crimes against American citizens under the color and cover of law; crimes which could put them in prison for life.

And of course, they have deployed the US disinformation media system in which to perpetrate this demonization campaign. The same media system which will label any person who attempts to expose the 9-11 attacks as an inside job, as a conspiracy nut -- even though the evidence clearly points to the fact that 9-11 was indeed orchestrated by the Illuminati controlled US Federal Government.

The US Media has become nothing but a well networked minister of propaganda for the Illuminati run US Intelligence community.

As for this US propaganda machine, why do you think that they have never bothered to cover any of the precedent setting trials of tax protesters such as Whitey Harrel, Joe Bannister or Tom Cryer? All of whom were acquitted of tax evasion charges, because the juries in their respective cases could find no law which authorized the IRS to impose the federal income tax.

The answer is that if one of the major networks ever bothered to have covered one of these stories in detail, the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank would find themselves under public assault within minutes of the airing of such a broadcast, since Americans would learn that the federal income tax is a fraud, and that this money which the IRS has stolen from them each year since 1913, should have been in their bank accounts; not the Federal Reserve Bank's.

As it presently stands, the Federal Reserve Bank has never been audited by the US Congress, and now lists gold on its balance sheet. The American people's gold, which has been stolen by the Federal Reserve from Fort Knox, under the pretense that it is holding the gold as collateral for the money which it claims the US Federal Government owes it.

However, how can the US Federal Government owe money to a counterfeiter which prints its currency based on nothing but thin air? What the Federal Reserve Bank has been doing since 1913 is no different then if you bought a printing press and began printing your own money and then lending it out to others at usury interest rates.

The only difference is that the US Congress would not be aiding and abetting your criminal practices as it has the privately held Federal Reserve Bank's. Moreover, the last two people who were in positions of authority and who attempted to shut the Federal Reserve Bank down, were President John F. Kennedy, and Judge Martin Mahoney; both of whom were murdered less than six months after taking actions which would have led to the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank:

John F. Kennedy's Executive Order 11110

Judge Martin Mahoney's Credit River Decision

As such, the US Media disinformation system is responsible for aiding and abetting this criminal fraud against an abjectly ignorant American public, who continues to get fleeced each year to the tune of billions of dollars, while their collective backs are being broken by these Nazi run organizations.

And if the American people continue to allow this Congress initiated -- IRS/Federal Reserve Bank fraud -- they are going to find themselves completely bankrupt, and lucky if they still have the shirts on their backs.

See the late Aaron Russo's precedent setting documentary on the criminal Congress, IRS and Federal Reserve Bank here:

America From Freedom To Fascism
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