Wednesday, April 02, 2008

FEDS Hack Webhosting Account

A few days ago I opened up an Internet hosting account with This morning I am unable to access the account with my password. I contacted about the problem and they sent the password to my E-mail account. It is the same password that I have been using, so the FEDS have obviously hacked into this latest account, as they have with every other Internet account that I have had for the past eleven years.

Further proof that there is no longer any rule of law with these mercenary thugs who masquerade as legitimate police. I will attempt to access the account later on to see if these psychopaths have reinstated my password, of if I must subscribe again.

Just another aspect in the life of a government sanctioned mind control target subjected to 24 hour a day COINTELPRO harassment.

* After posting this I am now able to again access my account at; further proof of how the FEDS monitor this Website and react to my posts. Earlier, I attempted to access my account at least 6 or 7 times with the correct password, yet was told that it was not the correct password -- another gaslighting tactic used by the NSA, FBI and DHS in their psychological warfare campaign against me.

At times the communication between my computer and an Internet server will be completely blocked by the FEDS so that no response at all is given. While at other times such as the case with, there will be a response, leaving open to question whether or not the FEDS themselves have actually hacked into this account, or co opted the Webhost into taking part in these crimes against my person.

Either way, what the FEDS are doing here is illegal, and indicative of their own covert terrorist operations.
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