Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hard Hit With Directed Energy And More Damage To Personal Property -- A Number Of TI's Have Reported Increased Attacks On April Fools Day

Since around 10:30AM I have been hit with satellite directed energy (ULF waves) causing extreme exhaustion. In addition to this assault, the psychopaths at the NSA (National Security Agency or as I prefer to refer to them National Sadists Association) have once again damaged another piece of my hi-fi equipment. For the many who read this blog daily, you will recall that last week, these satellite predators damaged a compact disc player which was working perfectly fine.

Today these mind raping sicko's damaged a tuner/preamplifier from the same manufacturer as the CD player, which is now only working on one channel. The CD player no longer functions at all. The replacement value of these two items taking into account inflation is approximately $1500.

In the past two years there have been at least 5 pieces of electronic gear damaged by way of directed energy technology, and in one case this damage caused a circuit board in an expensive piece of hi-fi equipment to catch fire, thus destroying its main circuit board.

These attacks have now caused me to purchase some inexpensive used equipment to lessen the loss should it suddenly become damaged by the incarnated EVIL that operates this Nazi technology.

I have read of many other TI's describing such attacks on their hi-fi's, TV's, microwaves and virtually every other electronic component which they own (not to mention their own bodies -- some of which look like war zones), as part of the psychological warfare which these government reprobates perpetrate against them.

Our motor vehicles are equally as vulnerable as many of us have already documented, oftentimes requiring expensive repairs. I again cite these instances to illustrate how these NSA agents can pinpoint a minute target by way of satellites circulating thousands of miles above of us in outerspace. So imagine how easy it is for them to target our brains for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation -- something which I have personally experienced for nearly three decades.

These aren't human beings that are attacking us. They are subhuman borgs that follow protocols without any concern for humanity. And if given their way, these sick bastards will use this technology to torture us to death.
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