Saturday, March 29, 2008

Author G. Edward Griffin Experiences The Powerful Influence That The Criminal Federal Reserve Bank Wields

Author G. Edward Griffin wrote what is perhaps the most accurate and disturbing account of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its function as a criminal syndicate which has quite literally stolen the United States out from under the American people.

In a sign of the treasonous times in which Americans are presently living, and the Illuminati's ubiquitous control over the US Media, Griffin's biographical information has now been removed from the online encyclopedia Website --Wikipedia. So much for Griffiin's First Amendment Right to freedom of expression, when after five years on Wikipedia, his information is suddenly removed under the pretext that he is nothing but a conspiracy theorist offering meaningless information.

However, Griffin is not some Internet conspiracy theorist with little credibility. He is a well respected author whose research on the Federal Reserve Bank has been acclaimed by millions. So if Griffin can be treated with such disrespect by the largest Internet encyclopedia, what is to prevent those who have lesser credibility from experiencing the same type of character assassination?

With each day that passes, and the abjectly treasonous ways in which the US Federal Government is operating, it is becoming painfully apparent that a civil revolution will be the only way in which Americans will be able to regain their sovereignty.

Freedom Force Report for February 2008

The following post is from Griffin :

From G. Edward Griffin:

"My biographical listing in Wikipedia was deleted last week after being on line for about five years. The reason is that Wikipedia's high-level editors claim I am a conspiracy theorist and a promoter of quack cancer cures. Apparently they do not agree with my view that there are hidden agendas in banking and government and they do not favor my defense of natural health without drugs.

It is strange that they have no problem listing Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Dong, Al Capone, or even John D. Rockefeller's father William Avery Rockefeller who, according to Wikipedia: 'was a quack doctor and a confidence trickster.' Nevertheless, the editors of Wikipedia find me to be so offensive that I had to be removed from the Internet lest my ideas contaminate the public mind.

There probably is nothing that can be done about this, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would like to hear them – especially if any attorneys think that legal action might be appropriate. It's not that I am so important, but there is a principle here that needs to be defended. It has something to do with the First Amendment of the Constitution."

This was a copy of the Wikipedia bio on Griffin which has now been removed:
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