Thursday, March 27, 2008

Los Angeles Times Article Smearing Rapper Sean (Diddy) Combs -- Based On Bogus Confirmation By FBI -- Times Hung Out To Dry While FBI Skates As Usual

Recently the Los Angeles Times published a defamatory article claiming that some associates of rap artist Sean (Diddy) Combs were complicit in the murder of the late rapper Tupac Shakur. The implication was that Combs himself may have also been involved. The Times obtained its information from an unnamed prison inmate who appears to have been fed *bogus information by the FBI, in efforts to use him as a buffer in which to covertly smear Combs and his associates.

* The latest report is that this prison inmate doctored FBI reports which he gained access to regarding Combs. However, exactly how does a prison inmate gain access to confidential FBI reports? Does the FBI honestly believe that the public is so ignorant that it would honestly believe such an outlandish statement? It is far more likely that this prison inmate was used as a plausible excuse for the FBI to furtively damage Comb's reputation, which it has now succeeded in doing - even though the statements regarding his complicity in the murder of Tupac Shakur appear to be completely false.

Adding further insult to injury is that a former FBI agent whom the Times relied on to substantiate the bogus claims regarding Combs and his associates, only served to further lead the publisher astray, when it would later find that the information against Combs appeared to have been a complete fabrication.

The FBI is notorious for leaking fabricated stories to the press in which to smear those whom it cannot arrest legally. And in typical fashion, now that this story has been reported by the Times, Combs and his associates will most likely, rightfully sue the publication for defamation of character, while the anonymous FBI agents who were the genesis of this fraud are allowed to maintain their anonymity.

This is a typical illustration regarding the complete lack of checks and balances which characterize the FBI's criminal operations; while those federal agents who perpetrate these crimes are allowed to commit them with complete impunity from prosecution, regardless of the destruction that they cause in the lives of others.

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