Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PERPS Again Target A Family Vehicle For Damage

What follows are three photos of one of the vehicles which the FEDS and their provocateurs have targeted for damage over the past 5 years. This particular vehicle has had its electronic system remotely sabotaged by the NSA, resulting in some expensive repairs which have been of little use.

The vehicle still does not run properly. Recently the right rear door was hit (for the second time) resulting in the paint beginning to peal away from it. Shortly before the FBI's covert harassment of myself became overt in 2003, this door was hit for the first time, resulting in most of the damage which can been seen in the following photos.

The strange thing about this situation is that the driver could have easily avoided this collision, yet did not. My Father was driving this vehicle at the time it was crashed into, and could not understand why the driver did not just turn his steering wheel more sharply to the left to avoid the collision. Instead the other driver began to pull out of his parking space as my Father was making a K turn, and appeared to have purposely crashed into his vehicle.

Years later, I now realize that this driver was a provocateur who was waiting for the opportunity to perpetrate this covert attack, and that damaging the vehicles of TI's and their Families is a very common occurence. In the past two and half decades at least * five of our Family vehicles have been crashed into, with four of them sustaining significant and costly damage.

* A sixth vehicle was stolen while parked at the train station, only to be found by the police weeks later, with only minor vandalism damage. The car was repaired and given to a cousin who had it for less than a week before it was again stolen for good.

It's also clear that while the FEDS and their agents provocateurs are perpetrating these crimes secretly, they are still of a very serious nature.

The FEDS Like To Damage The Vehicles Of TI's

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