Sunday, March 23, 2008

Testimony Of Some Victims Of EM Harassment & Organized Stalking Crimes -- A Disproportionate Number Of Victims Appear To Be African American

The following videos contain some compelling accounts from American citizens being subjected to remotely induced physical assaults by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry. Unfortunately their stories are not unique. There are a great number of victims who have not yet been able to tell their stories; accounts which reveal that there is a shadow government within the United States that operates at the very core of the Nazi ideology -- including remotely torturing people within the privacy of their own homes.

What I find particularly disturbing here is the number of African Americans who are being targeted for these crimes -- further evidence of an Illuminist conspiracy to eradicate the African race from this planet through a myriad of means including the creation and dissemination of biological weapons such as the *AIDS virus -- outright genocide.

* See Dr. Leonard Horowitz' book "Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola" to learn more about the US Federal Government's covert policies relating to genocide. This book can be downloaded in its entirety for free at the following Website. Another excellent book which describes the nature of these bioweapons and whitewash the federal government uses in efforts to cover up its complicity in their creation is Osler's Web, by Hillary Johnson. It is a book which retailed for $30 when first published. Used copies can be had for as little as $6.99 (plus $3.99 for shipping and handling) from

"Emerging Virues AIDS & Ebola" can be downloaded in PDF format here:

"Osler's Web" can be purchased here:

The testimonies of some victims of mind control and organized stalking crimes:

It also appears that the newer cell phones with video streaming capabilities are being used to illegally spy upon targeted individuals within the privacy of their own homes. And in all likelihood, there is a code which can be accessed by the users of these cell phones which can tap directly into a satellite feed being broadcast by the NSA or some other government agency, which then enables anyone with access to this code to watch a TI within their own home. It would seem that under the Bush Administration, these communal groups of organized stalkers are being reduced to voyeurs, who use their cell phones (fed by satellite broadcasts) to feed this addiction by violating the privacy rights of others.

This is the most outrageous violation of the 4TH Amendment in United States History, where those being targeted for such atrocities have been denied their right to due process of law, as well as their inherent right to be left alone.

However, it is doubtful that those who take part in the crimes of organized stalking can actually track a TI by way of their EMF field once they leave their home. Yet, a ground station such as the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland location can do so by using a satellite to locate the TI's whereabouts and then transmit it to these vigilante groups so that they can stalk the Targeted Individual wherever they travel to - - a clear sign that a high tech version of Hitler's Brown Shirt groups is now networking across the United States.

Moreover, this cell phone video streaming technology has made it possible for a TI to be viewed within the privacy of their own domicile by hundreds, thousands, and possibly even millions of people at one time.

Perhaps we have become the new nighttime entertainment for a diseased and brainwashed society which has mutated into a hi-tech electronic satellite predator?

If this is the case, TI's are also being used as an illustration by the New World Order, in which to frighten the rest of this planet's population into accepting the Illuminati's dominance. This is a terrifying scenario in which those who fail to acquiesce to the NWO's dictates will also face being subjected to the complete loss of privacy that the TI community itself has been subjugated to -- a community which is growing by the day, as more people recognise that the political dynamic within their respective countries has changed demonstrably ( as the result of government subversion), and attempt to make a final stand against those who've made this Totalitarian grab for power.

Furthermore, as the global population awakens to the fact that they have been spied upon within their own domiciles by way of satellite based tracking systems, and that their minds have been illegally accessed without their knowledge or consent, this will serve as further evidence of the Illuminati's having long ago fomented a plot to destroy the American people's freedom.

However, will this awakening occur too late for the citizenry of this planet to react in a timely enough fashion to avoid this egregious attack on humanity?

*Note -- while typing this post one of the perp's passed the front of my home, turned towards me and waved their cell phone in the air as a gesture to let to me know that they are aware of the content of this post.

Of course, this is no surprise to me. I just wonder if the genius with the cell phone knows that the NSA can use one of its spy satellites to track their person by way of the EMF field which surrounds their body, while using a supercomputer to electronically decode their brainwaves and read their innermost thoughts?

Perhaps this perp is even being "brain tapped" without realizing it.

In any event, this is yet one in myriad signs of how the US Federal Government is in complete decay -- a situation which will eventually result in a civil revolt to regain our former Constitutional Republic. And with every additional abuse that it metes out to us, the more likely this revolution becomes. I just hope that the American people still have the mental constitution in which to do what needs to be done, instead of capitulating to what must be characterized as an abjectly powerful, treasonous and criminal syndicate which now controls the United States of America.
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