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Another Example Of The FEDS Use Of The Internet To Propagate Disinformation

In my travels over the Internet from time to time I will find evidence that the FEDS or their provocateurs are posting my Website in ways in which to discredit myself as well as those whose work I fully support.

In the following instance there is a blog called bioproscam, which looks to discredit electronic warfare researcher Dr. Nick Begich. And while it's bad enough that the perp who operates this Website is looking to harm the reputation of Dr. Begich, the fact that he attempts to use my Website in which to do so only makes the situation worse.

For the record, I have always supported the work that Dr. Begich is doing and have the highest regard for him. Moreover, any information to be found on my Website in regard to Dr. Begich will prove this out. I have written several *articles in regard to his work. And I cite the following one in reference to my support of him and his pioneering work in understanding the technology behind the US Federal Government's use of electronic warfare; in particular its application to remote forms of mind control.


The following is an example of the shill at the Website who incorrectly references my Website, leading his readers to believe that I do not support the work of Nick Begich, when I in fact do. Dr. Begich is conducting extremely important research into how the human brain can be adversely affected by means of directed energy weaponry. His research also focuses on ways in which this technology can be used
for positive healing purposes. However, he has concluded that when the US Military gets hold of such technology it is always used with the intention of perpetrating evil crimes against humanity.

I should also note that the person who operates the anti-biopro Website is either a federal agent, or one of their provocateurs. Moreover, the FEDS' COINTELPRO against my person has become intensified to the point where even the most arbitrary of activities are infilitrated. For instance, when bidding on an Ebay item which is up for auction, I will often notice that the person outbidding me will show up after I have bid, and that their Ebay account name (and perhaps even the number of transactions which they have conducted) will be used as a form of psychological trigger in which to cause me further mental duress.

This is a typical illustration of how the FEDS use whatever despicable methods (they are the consummate rat bastards) they have at their disposal to harm those whom they are illegally targeting. It is also indicative of how these agents deliberately misrepresent the facts, while leaving out exculpatory information which can be of benefit to those whom they are attacking.

This is also a further illustration of how this Website continues to cause them problems, given its truthful and disturbing content regarding their satellite based mind control weapons, and how these weapons can be used to alter people's states of consciousness without them even realizing that it is being done. In truth, anyone targeted for this technology can be turned into whatever the operators of this technology want them to become -- including psychopathic murderers.

The key is to educate the public by allowing them to learn of the types of satellite based means in which the human mind can be remotely influenced, without the knowledge or consent of those being targeted for such Orwellian crimes.

Given the import of this information and the fact that I promulgate my own experiences as a long term mind control target of the NSA's, the FEDS continue to demonize me in order to obfuscate the facts regarding their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation for the past three decades; a situation in which my rights as an American citizen have been violated in the most precedent setting of ways.

They are also concerned that millions of other Americans will eventually learn that they have also been used by the NSA as unwitting guinea pigs, and that this will set off a chain reaction of events leading to the abolition of the NSA. These agents are wise to be concerned about such an occurrence, because once a large enough group of American citizens learn of this treasonous betrayal, the NSA's abolition will be an abject certainty.

The following *statement which appears on the anti-Biopro Website is an outright lie.

* "So to sum up this man, there is one more blog that exposes his inability to be of any reputable spokesman for the biopro products or the science:"

As you can see and conclude from your own common sense, this blog ties all the above info up. The link to his ties with Dorothy Lay (of the Lays Potato chip fortune), his military complex conspiratorial reasons for his fathers death and his blasphemous theories that man is the cause of Global Warming. We all know ultimately is an elitists effort to control what you and I can buy, drive and how we live our lives but mainly another extortion vehicle based on fear to get you to buy into the biopro scam."

I have no idea how the author of the above comment could have arrived at his conclusion, given that I have never discussed the product Biopro. Moreover, any comments that I have made in regard to Dr. Begich and his association with Dorothy Lay and the Lay Foundation have been of an extremely positive nature.

However, it is not surprising that he would be demonizing Dr. Begich, given Begich's investigative research into the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complexes treasonous crimes. The HAARP antenna farm in Alaska and its use to manipulate weather patterns by beaming extraordinarily large amounts of current into the ionosphere, are the primary reason for global warming -- a "man-made" ecological disaster.

The following Website is full of disinformation as it applies to Dr. Begich and his work. And there is little doubt that there are myriad others which the FEDS will use to discredit him, as they do anyone who attempts to expose their treasonous crimes against the American people.

It is also my opinion, that Nick Begich's father, the late Senator Nick Begich Senior, was murdered when a plane in which he was traveling with Senator Hale Boggs was either sabotaged or perhaps even blown up to murder Boggs for his intent to expose the *Warren Commission as a complete fraud; and to expose the CIA as the primary culprit in the murder of John F. Kennedy.

* Bogg's had gone public with this statement shortly before the plane in which he was traveling with Senator Begich disappeared while in flight on October of 1972, while traveling from Anchorage to Juneau, Alaska.

Did The CIA Murder Senators Hale Boggs & Nick Begich Sr.?

Recently I was researching the mysterious death of Dr. Begich's father, former Senator Nick Begich Senior, who was reported to have been killed in a plane crash in the 1970's. Ironically enough, at the time of the crash, Begich was traveling with Senator Hale Boggs, a former member of the Warren Commission, who shortly before his death had stated that he wanted to expose the Warren Commission's whitewash of the Kennedy Assassination investigation. However, before he could do so he was on a plane which was reported to have crashed along with Senator Begich. Yet neither Boggs' nor Begich's bodies were ever recovered.

Was the CIA involved in this act of terrorism? While there is no way of knowing for certain, the disappearance certainly has the CIA's MO all over it.

An interesting parallel can be found here in regard to the comment that John F. Kennedy was reported to have made at Columbia University just 10 days before he was assassinated.

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans freedom and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight."

-- John F. Kennedy at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination.

"Boggs originally agreed that John F. Kennedy and J. D. Tippit had been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and that Jack Ruby was not part of any conspiracy. However, later he began to have doubts claiming that 'Hoover lied his eyes out on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, you name it.'"

"Thomas Hale Boggs disappeared while on a campaign flight from Anchorage to Juneau, Alaska, on 16th October, 1972. No *bodies were ever found and in 1973 his wife, Lindy Boggs, was elected in her husband's place.

The Los Angeles Star, on November 22, 1973, reported that before his death Boggs claimed he had 'startling revelations' on Watergate and the assassination of John F. Kennedy."

*No plane wreckage was ever found either.

You can read more on this subject at the following Website:
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