Friday, March 21, 2008

Commentary On George W. Bush's Use Of Water Boarding To Torture People

The following article discusses George Bush Juniors sanctioning of the barbarian act of torturing people through the use of an investigative technique known as water boarding. A hideous torture in which the victim is immersed in water to the point of nearly being drowned, only to be subjected to this terrifying act over and over, until they either lose consciousness or their captors determine that they have gotten the information they need.

Since he strongly endorses the use of such torture on others (what can you expect from someone whose hobby as a kid was stuffing frogs with firecrackers and blowing them up?), perhaps Bush himself should try it for 24 hours. Finding himself at the mercy of his captors might even give him an entirely new lease on life (in this case what it's like for a terrorist to be attacked by other terrorists) -- perhaps even turn him back into a human being again.

See the article here:
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