Thursday, March 20, 2008

Americans Need To Educate Themselves Regarding The FBI's Modern Day COINTELPRO Operations

With the FBI and other agencies of US Intelligence utilizing modern day versions of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations of the mid 20TH Century, against a myriad of Americans in the present day, it has become increasingly important for every American citizen to understand how COINTELPRO operations work, as well as the destruction which they are used to cause in people's lives.

With the use of illegal COINTELPRO tactics, the FBI has both tortured and murdered -- as well as driven to suicide -- a myriad of American citizens, whose inherent and constitutional rights to be left alone, were completely decimated by these federal thugs.

The following is a list of useful Websites which document the extremes to which FBI agents will go to in using their despicable COINTELPRO tactics, in order to destroy the lives of those Americans whom this agency illegally targets.

American citizens who are well educated in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO operations stand a much better chance of recognizing when these agents have covertly infiltrated their lives. Consequently, should they find themselves under a COINTELPRO attack, they can then take appropriate measures in which to expose these constitution raping predators before the FEDS are able to systematically destroy their lives.

Websites exposing the FBI's anti-American COINTELPRO operations:

Studies In Psychopathy -- COINTELPRO And The FBI: How the New World Order's New Age Movement is being used to control virtually every aspect of the news media in America, while using covert psychological operations typical of those utilized by the FBI through its counter intelligence program --dubbed COINTELPRO.
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