Saturday, March 22, 2008

FBI Vehicle Surveillance Teams -- How They Operate & What You Should Be Aware Of Regarding Their Violations Of Your Constitutional Rights

As a long-term target of FBI COINTELPRO, I have encountered a myriad of FBI vehicle surveillance teams over the years. To be sure, these agents are quite proficient in the art of covertly surveilling their targets -- deadly proficient in fact. The truth is that given the expertise of their "wheel artists" and the street theatrics which they deploy in such surveillance, any person being targeted by these teams is a sitting duck.

Even more disturbing, is that over the past decade, the organized stalking phenomenon which has virtually littered the American landscape, now utilizes what appears to be similar vehicular stalking tactics regarding those whom they target for the purpose of criminal vigilantism.

And for this reason, it has become important for Americans to understand the nature in which these surveillance teams (be they FBI or your local thug patrol -- basically the same difference) operate.

They don't respect your privacy; nor do they acknowledge your rights as American citizens. So you have every right to know how these government sanctioned criminals operate, in order for you to protect yourself.

See the article on FBI vehicle surveillance teams at this end of this post to learn more. Also take note that when you are being targeted by the FEDS, it's likely that you will be tracked by way of NSA satellites, which target the electromagnetic field around your body to use as a tracking device. So even if you leave your automobile, the FBI and NSA (Homeland Security as well) can track you no matter where you go, and watch you real time -- even within the privacy of your own home.

Quite obviously, they are not in the least concerned about your 4TH Amendment rights, which should give you some indication of the Nazi mindset which is espoused by the US Intelligence community and the mercenary faction which we once referred to as police officers (in the good old days before the unconstitutional Patriot Act was passed into law).

The US Federal Government should not be allowed to violate your rights in such ways. And since Congress is not going to end these egregious violations of your privacy (any American can be targeted for such abuse at any time without their knowledge or consent) anytime soon (if ever), it is up to you to learn how this technology works, and how the FEDS may deploy it against you at anytime.

They are not your protectors; they are instead the greatest threat to your freedom that you will ever face. And it is time that you realized it.

Article on FBI Vehicle Surveillance Teams - tactics which organized stalking groups are now using in their despotic ways of operating. The creator of this article is a man by the name of Lee Adams (who's purported to be a former FBI agent, disgusted with the bureau's use of entrapment to target innocent Americans). He managed to put two parts of a five part series on the FBI's vehicular surveillance together, but to my knowledge was never able to publish the other three over the Internet. I do know that the FEDS have had his site taken down on more than one occasion, making it necessary for him to create mirror sites.

So we should be grateful to Lee for providing us with the following articles which enable us to empower ourselves against the FBI and its Nazi tactics, as well as these New World Order communal groups of stalkers who have become the real "domestic terrorists!"


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