Saturday, March 22, 2008

Further Punishment For Maintaining This Website & Refusing To Show The FEDS Respect -- FEDS Who Torture And Murder Don't Deserve Respect

Regular readers of this Website are well aware that the NSA uses its satellite based directed energy weaponry to assault me on a regular basis. These assaults range from voice to skull infiltration of my mind, sexual assaults (as myriad other TI's have reported), headaches, vision problems, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pains, and virtually every other negative affect that one may experience in regard to the body.

The NSA also maintains a concerted effort to damage electronic equipment that I own, which these agents have done on numerous occasions. And the fact they can pinpoint a resistor or capacitor on a circuit board from a satellite orbiting thousands of miles in space, can give the readers a better understanding of how this technology can be used to access your brain at anytime.

TI's are far from being crazy. We are just being subjected to a nightmarish situation in which those in power perpetrate their crimes against us while operating in a vacuum of conspiratorial denial.

Today I have been hit with directed energy most of the day, resulting in extreme fatigue as well as nausea, and my eyesight remains slightly blurred -- even while wearing eyeglasses. Moreover, as further punishment for posting an article regarding how an FBI vehicle surveillance team functions -- earlier today -- the electronics within a compact disc player that I was using (which was working perfectly fine) suddenly failed, leaving the player damaged. The electronic attack on this piece of equipment occurred within a split second, and is the fourth such attack on my hi-fi equipment within the past year.

In fact, when I went to play a VHS tape on the VHS player in the main den of my home some months back, the player froze up and needed to be sent out for repair. And another piece of hi-fi gear had its main circuit board electronically zapped with what appeared to have been some type of maser beam, causing the board to catch fire. The manufacturer could not explain how this damage was caused and referred to it as an anomaly.

One evening when listening to an old Sony ProWalkman cassette deck that I own, the external power supply to the unit was destroyed by way of some type of maser beam. The ProWalkman must now be operated on batteries alone.

To those who would say that the NSA has better things to do with its time than harassing Americans within their own homes, I would have agreed with this statement in the past. However, I have experienced far too many anomalous situations to be so naive any longer, given the mind control technology which I have been subjected to, and what I have actually seen this technology do to people as well as animals.

I have seen birds, squirrels and chipmunks walking around as though they were being remotely controlled; their behavior completely atypical of how they would normally function.

Why would the NSA perpetrate such crimes against humanity? Because they can do so with plausible deniability. And these agents are well aware that anyone who claims that they are being mind controlled and attacked by satellites is going to have a very difficult time being believed, given how outlandish these accusations are.

However, because they are outlandish, does not mean that these remotely induced attacks are not happening. They are indeed happening and with great frequency to myriad people in the United States, as well as many other countries.

Moreover, given my own personal experiences as a target of mind control, there is no longer any doubt in my mind that people's minds can be remotely affected by means of satellites which link the electromagnetic fields around their bodies, to supercomputers which can access their thoughts 24 hours a day.

And this latest directed energy attack on my person is yet a further indication of how the FEDS are displeased with my unwillingness to remove this Website, or to capitulate to their tyranny. I am also certain that these attacks will continue and that the FEDS will maintain their despotic mentality towards those who refuse to acknowledge them as anything but the New World Order torturous, murderous and craven anathema which they represent to humankind.

And while they may be enjoying torturing my person as well as myriad others subjugated to this purgatorial nightmare, they will eventually pay a very high price for having done so. The extensive ways in which they have tortured myself over the past many years have left me with an intense motivation to see US Intel and its Nazi ideologies abolished.

Moreover it is amazing to me that TI's don't become psychopathic given the abjectly cruel ways in which they are treated and isolated. There is absolutely nothing normal about such treatment, and the fact that those who perpetrate these crimes against us would accuse us of acting abnormally, when knowing full well of the cruelty which they are subjecting us to, bespeaks their complete lack of humanity.

And the truth of the matter is that I despise these miscreants with such an intensity that I would rather die than ever acknowledge them as anything other than the cancer to the human race which they represent.

They truly are the "human stain."

Their demonization and torture of my person will never change the fact that these people are evil incarnate. As for respect, those federal agents who use satellite based weaponry to covertly torture and murder people don't deserve any respect. These bathroom peeping pieces of refuse instead deserve to be hanged for such treasonous crimes. Anyone who would treat someone else with such disrespect is in fact a legitimate psychopath -- and the US Intelligence community is comprised of such predatory anathema.
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