Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Article On The FBI's Murderous Culture

The FBI's worst enemy is in reality many of its own agents, who become frustrated with the Bureau's decimation of the rights of myriad American citizens (while working to keep its own treasonous crimes from the public), and as a result turn to whistle blowing on this agency and its criminal hierarchy. Unfortunately, once this happens these decent agents find themselves under attack as the FBI uses its COINTELPRO tactics against them, in order to systematically destroy their lives.

There's only one way in which the FBI can operate, and that's criminally. Moreover, one can only imagine how many Americans have been covertly murdered by the FBI's COINTELPRO operations in the past Century, as this Americanized Gestapo death squad was turned loose on them.

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Also see "Revelations Of Secret Surveillance" by Judy Malloy -- an excellent Website in which Judy has written about a fictional family whose story of being subjected to the Holocaust parallels the real life accounts her own Mother and Father. It also cites the FBI's own documentation, which reveals how the FBI (under J. Edgar Hoover) not only ignored the CIA's smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States after World War II (under Operation Paperclip), but also deliberately kept it from the American people.
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