Monday, March 24, 2008

Young Man Pronounced Brain Dead After Flipping His All Terrain Vehicle Makes Miraculous Recovery

Twenty one year old Zack Dunlap is a walking miracle. Only months after being pronounced brain dead, Dunlap is recovering nicely and still confounding the medical community, which cannot explain how he managed to cheat death.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Zack's situation is that he actually remembers hearing his doctors telling his parents that that a PET scan revealed that there was no blood flowing to his brain -- that Zack was brain dead.

However, if he was actually brain dead how could Zack have heard the conversation that his doctors were having with his parents?

This brings up an extremely contentious issue in regard to the accuracy of MRI's and PET Scans. As such, one must now contemplate how many persons declared legally brain dead and taken off life support, may have recovered as Zack Dunlap has, if they had only been given more time?

Read Zack Dunlap's miraculous story here:
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