Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The United States Government Incorporated In 1989 -- And The News Gets Even Worse -- Read On:

From the Website of TI Carolyn Williams Palit:

Military International Socialist US/USA, Inc. — NWO Watch

It’s true!

I had always heard that the United States of America is a corporation. The United States under The Constitution might be gone. I finally went over to the Delaware Secretary of State’s website and looked around in the corporation filings. There it was: ”The United States of America, Inc.” The corporation was founded in 1989. It is in the nonprofit or religious corporation category. The incorporated, Federal Reserve Association is also in the nonprofit or religious category, and it was founded in 1914. I am not surprised.

The Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service is a for-profit corporation formed in 1933. The Federal Land Acquisition Corporation was founded in 1980. The Central Intelligence Authority is another profitable corporation founded in 1983. I read on and notice that during the years 1989 - 1992 some interesting, legal entities came into being along with the United States of America, Inc. The Social Security Corporation was mashed together with the Department of Health, Education, & Welfare to become a money-making corporation in 1989.

Now, The Judiciary, Inc. is a closed corporation (I already knew that) formed right before the beginning of U.S.A., Inc. in 1989. I sure hope that is a little bistro near the Supreme Court Building.

Now the scary . . . in 1990 a corporation was formed listed as Military Int’l Socialist US/USA. I kid you not. At that time, this company owned or had investments in TWA Airlines, ocean cruise liners, Amtrak Train, and the Union and Greyhound Bus Lines. In April 2001, TWA was bought by American Airlines. So, the company that owned a couple of planes that crashed into some buildings on 9-11 bought an ailing airline company that used to belong to some violent, socialist, US outfit. Read that again.

There is another military corporation that was formed in 1991, one year after the US socialist, armed services outfit was formed, and it is called the Military Int’l Stock Exchange. This corporation is listed as owning or having investments in: advertising, insurance(s), futures, atom bomb, and U.S. States Purchasing Exchange and Sales, Inc. So, this is a listing about some military internationalists that have an atom bomb, but they aren’t socialists so I am not going to worry. Right.

Bombshell ahead . . .

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