Thursday, March 27, 2008

FEDS' Covert Death Threats Continue In A Desperate Effort To Suicide Me, While Obfuscating Their Treasonous Crimes

The FEDS have increased their covert use of venues to send me further death threats through the use of trigger words and phrases; this done in their conspiratorial effort to drive me to suicide.

The FEDS now find themselves in an impossible situation in which their crimes against my person are so extreme and precedent setting that they must completely ignore the rule of Constitutional law in their attacks against me.

If not, they risk eventually ending up as defendants in a federal lawsuit I will file against them, when the time is right.

Moreover, the intense illegal spying which they have perpetrated here is on par with the venomous smear campaign that they have continued to wage against me since 2003, in efforts to obfuscate their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation -- as well as the most egregious violations of the 4TH Amendment ever documented. This is a situation so malignant, that there is no way in which the FBI, NSA or DHS can possibly justify these crimes, which continue to grow worse by the day.

Furthermore, any TI targeted for COINTELPRO operations can testify to receiving such types of covert death threats as those mentioned above.

Making the situation even worse is that oftentimes the families of TI's are blackmailed into keeping silent about the crimes the FEDS perpetrate against them, while taking part in the criminal and covert psychological operations deployed against the TI's themselves.

TI's have now been subjugated to more than just non consensual human experimentation. We are being subjected to a conspiracy of epic proportions, in which we are targeted by a criminal syndicate that must find someway in which to declare us mentally incompetent. If they fail to do so, then they become the focus of the rampant and treasonous criminal activity which they are perpetrating against us; something these miscreants can ill afford to have happen -- especially when taking into consideration the illegal satellite tracking of our persons which they continue to perpetrate.

Moreover, taking part in such crimes only increases the FEDS' hold on the respective families of Targeted Individuals, creating intense conflict which often results in the destruction of the relationships between the TI's and their family members.

This is strictly a Nazi ideology now being employed by the US Intelligence Community against those used by this government for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

These mind raping thugs will eventually find themselves facing a people with no fear and an insurmountable intention to end this tyranny regardless of the cost.

What is perhaps most ironic about this entire situation is that these crimes are perpetrated against TI's while those doing so will completely deny that they are taking part in such sadistic activities. This can only mean that these crimes are being orchestrated from the very top of the US Intelligence pyramid, which explains the structured way in which they are occurring.

It also means that the rule of Constitutional law within the United States is no longer being adhered to by the very people who've taken a sworn oath to uphold it -- meaning that these agents of the US Federal Government are now in the commission of treason.

So it's no wonder why they are trying to murder those of us who have the right to sue the US Federal Government and the Bush Administration for allowing for such treasonous violations of our rights.

Ultimately, such an attack on American freedoms will result in anarchy, until such time as the US Constitution is restored as the only rule of law in the United States. And until that time, the US Intelligence Community will continue to abuse and murder TI's in the covert manner in which they have grown accustomed to doing, while the public maintains complete denial that these treasonous and vicious attacks are taking place.

However, any federal agency which conducts warrantless spying on Americans within the privacy of their own homes for decades on end, is an agency which has never had any place in the United States.

The FEDS' attacks on the TI community are also proof that when agencies like the FBI get caught committing crimes, instead of acknowledging their having done so, they instead look to destroy those whom they have perpetrated these crimes against.

And to think that agents of the FBI and NSA are such degenerate PIGS that would not only spy upon, but also videotape American citizens within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, is indicative of the abject cesspool that US Intelligence has become, and one of the best reasons for why it should have been abolished long ago.

Before those in society stand in judgement on the TI community, they should be forced to live as we are, subjugated to such cruel indignities which we must endure each day. For until they do, they have no business judging us or anyone else.
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