Sunday, March 30, 2008

The NSA's Vacuuming Up Our Electronic Conversations -- However, What Else In Our Private Lives Might They Be Collecting?

A great number of Americans have read about the NSA's illegal surveillance of citizens under the Bush Administration, and Congress's recent attempts to make the NSA's warrantless spying legal. So much for the Democrats being worried about your 4Th Amendment rights.

First off, why would Congress look to pass legislation which is clearly in violation of the US Constitution and in particular of the 4Th and 5Th Amendments? Logic dictates that this will be done because information such as what I am promulgating on this Website (which corroborates John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA) is gradually finding its way into the public domain and creating great concern over the issue of extreme government intrusion into our private lives.

It would seem that Congress in now extremely concerned that once Americans learn of such egregious violations of their rights, they will look for redress to their grievances through legal channels in which myriad class action lawsuits against the US Federal Government could well take place.

However, with Congress making it legal for the NSA to conduct warrantless domestic satellite spying under the pretext of protecting the United States from an underlying domestic terrorist threat, these lawsuits would most likely be considered as frivolous, and tossed out of court while all such NSA warrantless spying (including the illegal satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of Americans) is grandfathered in under Congress's new warrantless spying legislation; a further crime and insult to those of us whose rights have already been decimated by the voyeuristic satellite predators at the NSA.

Furthermore, in passing such unconstitutional legislation the US Congress will have aided and abetted the NSA's decades' long treasonous behavior, while only encouraging further treasonous abuses in the future. And if ever there was an illustration that Congress is controlled by the US Intel agencies while being used to stonewall legitimate investigations into the crimes being perpetrated by these agencies, its voting on behalf of the NSA's warrantless spying program and against the American people and their 4Th Amendment rights, will be conclusive proof of US Intel's control over Congress.

Furthermore, under the Bush Administration, the NSA's use of the term domestic terrorist has become so broad, that its meaning has been significantly diluted. When Junior can be labled as a domestic terrorist simply because he borrowed a book from the local library which the Bush Administration does not approve of, it's clear that US Intelligence is spending far too much of its time (and taxpayer money) on wasteful investigations which will never lead anywhere.

What Other Data Is The NSA Collecting On Americans?

While the NSA's Echelon global spy satellite network may not be known to all of the inhabitants of this planet, it's known to enough of them; those who realize that the NSA uses Echelon to vacuum up all of the electronic conversations taking place on standard phones, cell phones and E-mails.

However, what if the NSA's capabilities for vacuuming up such personal information are even far greater than this? I am well aware that my thoughts are remotely accessed by way of an NSA satellite which electronically vacuums them up and transmits them to the NSA's database in Fort Meade, Maryland.

However, what happens if what I am experiencing is being done on a global basis without the knowledge or consent of the citizens of this planet? What if all of our thought streams are being vacuumed up by way of a system like Echelon and then analyzed by supercomputers which target superlative information that an NSA cryptologist can further evaluate?

Given the NSA's use as the New World Order's information hub, does it seem so unrealistic that such an information gathering system which can be used to read our thoughts is now being deployed globally?

I think it is highly plausible that such a system has not only been in effect for quite a number of years, but that it may well encompass most if not all of the citizens on this planet at the current time.

Remote neural monitoring the Earth's population by way of satellite is the ultimate tool for spying, since the NSA does not have to wait for a person's thoughts to be communicated through other forms of external means such as speaking, typing or writing.

In essence, our own brainwaves become a fourth type of communication which the NSA's supercomputers can then home in on and illegally gain access to -- without our knowledge or consent!

In this way the NSA can electronically "brain tap" the entire population and take whatever information they want directly from our minds; and whenever they want to. There's no question that the NSA is already doing so to a great many citizens around this planet who are being remote neurally monitored without their knowledge or consent. The only variable here concerns the exact number of people who are being subjugated to such outrageous violations of their privacy.

And as much as I would like to believe that those of us being targeted in such Orwellian ways are in the minority of the world's citizens, I have a very strong suspicion that we are a majority -- even if many of those being targeted for such brain tapping have not yet realized it.
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