Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In Another Illustration Of This Diseased Society Third Graders Plan The Premeditated Murder Of Their Teacher

As the rabid radio talk show host Bob Grant has repeatedly stated regarding contemporary society: "it's sick and getting sicker out there all the time."

This has been illustrated again in a recent disturbing situation in which police learned that as many as nine third grade boys and girls were planning to kidnap and possibly murder their teacher, as revenge for giving one of their classmates a time out. In a society which is focused on protecting children from adults, there are more and more situations arising in which adults find themselves needing protection from violent youths.

Of course the violence which these kids are exposed to on TV and many of the video games which they play, is certainly not helping matters any. Nor are many of the toxic vaccines which they are exposed to, which oftentimes adversely affect their brain chemistry for life. Something which far too frequently results in unruly behavior, in which these kids are then subjected to a double assault, when being wrongfully placed on medications such as Ritalin, or anti-depressants which may actually aggravate already problematic conditions.

The truth is that for all of the societal rhetoric regarding doing right by America's youth, they are routinely being dealt a bad hand by a self serving government mandated medical status quo.

See the full story here:
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