Sunday, April 06, 2008

FEDS Again Hacking My Account

I mentioned this earlier in the week, as an illustration of how these Nazi psychopaths who masquerade as law enforcement regularly hack into my Internet accounts -- including my E-mail account. Given that the NSA has been electronically hacking into my mind for nearly three decades, the E-mail hacking is by far the lesser of the two crimes.

A few days back I attempted to access my account only to find that it would not accept my password, which I knew for a fact to be correct. I tried several times to access this account only to find my password being refused. However, I then posted what the FEDS had done, and miraculously my password was then accepted and I was able to use this account.

Why would the FEDS do this with a Website that has nothing at all to do with them? It's actually quite simple. On the Website I like to write about hi-fi equipment, which is one of the few aspects of life as a mind control target that I actually enjoy. Focusing on hi-fi gear also helps to boost my spirits since writing about this hobby is very enjoyable, and diametrically opposed to the FEDS' criminal campaign in which to use psywarfare to drive me insane.

Any mind control target will tell you that the focus is on torturing you psychologically to the point where you commit suicide. Once you have killed yourself, or someone else, the FEDS can then claim to have knowledge of just how far they need to go with people in order to drive them over the edge -- something they have failed at with me -- hence their recent pathetic and desperate vicious character assassination of my person.

Sadly enough, many mind control targets have succumbed to such torture in the past. And my 9-11 Website regarding the myriad aspects of these types of Orwellian crimes is as much a tribute to the memory of these mind control victims as it is a detailed accounting of exactly how these crimes are perpetrated; and by whom.

This FBI/DHS/NSA orchestrated "take down" of my Websites has been as much about denying me my First Amendment right to freedom of speech (regardless of the content of my writings)as it has been about driving me to an agitated state in which I will either suicide myself, or commit a crime for which I can be incarcerated.
There is no one on the face of this planet who has been psychologically and physically tortured over the past 15 years more intensely than I have -- short of someone who has been physically imprisoned out of the public eye.

However, in spite of these intense, outrageous and conspiratorially treasonous attacks of my person, the FEDS have failed to incarcerate or murder me. And they are now obsessed with finding a way in which to murder me as payback for my exposition of their precedent setting attacks on my rights, as well as their virtual rape of the 4Th Amendment.

And the take downs of these Websites is part of their psychopathic protocol; something which has occurred myriad times over the past several years, as these Nazi indoctrinated reprobates get their sadistic kicks subjecting me to a protracted psywarfare campaign.

A further indication of their diseased mindset and the complete thugs and fools that they are.

Moreover, it's disturbing to know that many of the federal agents (FBI in particular) who obtain law degrees are putting them to such nonconstructive use by hacking into people's E-mail accounts, and conspiring to systematically destroy every aspect of their lives, while completely circumventing Constitutional due process of law in this country.

This is a situation which in the long run the FEDS cannot possibly win, since they have become the so called criminals whom they claim to be apprehending. Federal thugs who use propaganda to brainwash the US population, while utilizing psychological operations to viciously attack those who know what they are really up to -- including using extreme coercive tactics in which to manipulate those around the persons being targeted, into taking part in these depraved assaults; those who refuse to comply with this FBI/NSA/DHS criminal directive will then find themselves being subjugated to the same types of assaults.

Being faced with such an alternative, is it any wonder why so many people are being used in the crime of organized stalking?

The old maxim if you can't beat 'em join 'em definitely applies here. However, this is a group of like minded people who are all perilously close to falling off the edge of the same cliff -- courtesy of the US Intelligence community and its inherently destructive, cruel and perverse nature.

Moreover, if US Intelligence is not abolished, its craven and diabolical Nazi ideology will eventually destroy humanity as we know it. Perhaps the greatest shame of all is in how this community of agents has already become the nemesis of those decent and hard working Americans who have been unwittingly manipulated (brainwashed) into perpetrating Intel's inherently corrupted protocols -- a crime which is unpardonable.

Those of us who have managed to survive these federally orchestrated attacks for this long, also have the responsibility of alerting the public to these outrageous crimes, since most of the people who have been targeted for such COINTELPRO operations have been either covertly murdered or driven to suicide by them long ago.

US Intel's crimes are horrific by any account. And in the modern day, not only are myriad Americans being stripped of their dignity by being satellite tracked, spied upon and videotaped within the so called privacy of their own homes, but also subjected to non consensual human experimentation. (The Bush Administration's attempt to portray such people as terrorists is a complete deception on the American people, since the FBI and NSA have been spying in such illegal ways for at least three decades -- long before this administration's bogus war on terror was propagated through the US Media disinformation system).

The real question is how much longer must we tolerate these miserable crimes against humanity before we take appropriate measures in which to end them?

And of course the most pertinent question that I have in regard to the NSA/FBI protracted and warrantless fishing expedition of my person is: since such an egregious violation of the 4Th Amendment is illegal, what were the FEDS doing spying on me (or any other American in such outrageous ways) within the privacy of my own home in the first place? In fact, what are these agencies doing spying on any Americans within the privacy of their own homes, much less monitoring their thoughts by way of supercomputer?

Of course now that they have been exposed perpetrating such egregious violations of our rights, the FEDS must demonize us after such an outrageous violation of their own laws; especially when considering how these government rat bastards blackmailed our own families into keeping silent regarding what these agents are subjecting us to.

Equally as disturbing is that not one person who has ever reported being spied upon within their own home by US Intelligence has ever been able to get their story reported in the mainstream media -- further evidence of this nationwide and Intelligence orchestrated conspiracy.

This is a situation where if the information doesn't benefit the FEDS it's deliberately obscured from the public eye, while these agencies continue to inflame public sentiment in regard to those whom they are attacking in characteristic COINTELPRO fashion.

These demonization tactics are a very clever deception on the public, because the FEDS simply abuse their authority to sway public opinion about a subject, while completely ignoring the rule of law.

These agents should be subjected to the exact same abuses of their rights.

At least many of us have now learned that agencies like the FBI and NSA get their information by satellite tracking those whom they are targeting, while remote neural monitoring their thoughts by way of electronic computer to brain link technology, making the US Congress's claims of defending our Constitution an abject fraud.

Congress knows how treasonously the FBI NSA, DHS and CIA have violated the rights of the American people , yet deliberately kept this from the public. This was evidenced by the fact that when Congress had the opportunity to investigate the US Intelligence Community through a proposed reopening of the Church Committee Hearings of the 1970's (the proposal was made by then Representative Cynthia Mckinney).

However, once Ms. Mckinney was out of the picture (in my opinion a situation which was orchestrated to prevent from her being reelected to Congress -- the now infamous shoving incident), her proposal to reopen the Church Committee Hearings was quickly removed from consideration once Congress reconvened for 2007.

Congress is well aware that the NSA is illegally spying on Americans within their own homes, and has done nothing to remedy the situation.

So Americans can stop concerning themselves in regard to the physical presence of miniature spy cameras within their own homes since better technology has all but made them obsolete for the government's purposes; the spy cameras which are surveilling Americans in the present day have millimeter wave capabilities, which allow the operators of these satellite based cameras to see into their homes from thousands of miles in space, while recording everything that they do -- an absolute obliteration of both the 4Th and 5Th Amendment.

Moreover, as I stated in an article which I wrote a few weeks ago, perhaps it's time that we put agencies like the FBI and NSA under the same type of satellite surveillance that they've illegally placed us under, since they're obviously violating the very laws which they are paid to enforce, and as such have become the very terrorists whom they claim to be tracking.

And in all candor, as an American citizen, what would you do to someone if you found out that they had electronically hooked a supercomputer up to your brainwaves just to tap into your thoughts without your knowledge or consent? Some hi-tech sexual predator who's videotaping you and your family no matter where you are, including the so called safety of your own home.

An agent who will lie through his or her teeth if ever confronted with having done so, or when backed into a corner, will claim that they were watching you on your on own toilet because you're a terrorist. Terrorist -- the Bush Administration's favorite word, since its use has allowed them to covertly destroy our Constitution and the freedoms and inherent rights which it once guarenteed to all Americans.

Do you know the real reason for the FEDS' use of such spy technology? It's used as a backup for when they can't arrest you legally. They use what info they can to divide and conquer, even when it's clear that no criminal activity is occurring.

And even though they don't have a warrant in which to spy on you, they do so anyway -- not for a few days or weeks -- but for years on end while they go on one of their open ended fishing expeditions.

And during this time if they can't find something to arrest you for, these rats will just hang in there while they spy on you having dinner, watching TV, using your bathroom, and even making love.

Hell, these pieces of federal garbage don't give a damn what they do as long as you don't find out about it.

And while they break these laws, they also covertly pit family members against one another and then sit back like they do with street gangs and watch the fireworks begin.

These FEDS are megalomaniacs with a God complex. And they think that they're entitled to abuse others in such outrageous ways.

This kind of Orwellian behavior can no longer be ignored or tolerated. Not unless we want to end up like the Jews did during World War II. Such behavior by a government agency is the telltale sign of a government that's betrayed its people and in this case will go right on doing so until the American people become either angry or frightened enough to take Congress and US Intel to task.

These agencies are reading and manipulating our minds by way of satellites!!! How much more abuse are we supposed to take?

I just hope that Americans do something about this before the US Constitution really does end up as to quote George W. Bush: "nothing but a goddamn piece of paper."

Otherwise, they can kiss every last one of their freedoms goodbye.
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