Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another WACO In The Making?

"EL Dorado, Texas - Sect leaders at a polygamist compound in West Texas refused Saturday to let authorities search a temple for a teenage girl whose report of abuse led to the raid, and authorities said they were preparing 'for the worst.'

If no agreement is reached with sect leaders, authorities will forcibly remove the sect's followers 'as peaceably as possible,' Allison Palmer, a prosecutor in Tom Green County, told the San Angelo Standard-Times.

Medical workers are being sent 'in case this were to a go in a way that no one wants,' Palmer said. Law enforcers are 'preparing for the worst,' she said."

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* On a side note. Recently, I described a situation in which other TI's were being used in the FEDS' psywarefare attacks on my person. I am also aware of several other situations in which TI's are being used in such attacks against other TI's, and using E-mails loaded with psychological triggers in efforts to damage their psyches (mind and soul).

Unfortunately, this has become too common a problem and indicative of how easily the FEDS can infiltrate organizations created to combat the crimes of government sanctioned mind control research and organized stalking. Once again, I would recommend not answering the aforesaid E-mails, since those sending them have EVIL intentions, and are only offering the FEDS a further plausible way in which to attack you, while denying that they are doing so. And if you answer these E-mails, you will undoubtedly get into confrontations that will be a total waste of your valuable time, as well as the time of any legitimate TI's who are being used to harass you.

These TI's have much greater concerns, like ending their own harassment. So they should be intelligent enough to realize that they are being used as pawns to do the FEDS' dirty work for them, and that doing so isn't going to help their situations one bit.

So keep on deleting their hurtful E-mails, and eventually the senders will take the hint and tell the FEDS to shove off. I have diffused myriad situations in such ways over the past several years by refusing to acquiesce to such bullying tactics; tactics which the FEDS depend on to control situations. Without such capitulation, the FEDS become immobilized and eventually risk becoming so aggressive in their criminality that they destroy any legitimate hopes of ever prosecuting a person whom they've illegally targeted in the first place.

These Nazi's (an extremely appropriate term for those who illegally spy upon and torture you within the privacy of your own home) are being forced out of their lair and now showing themselves for the true EVIL which they represent. Agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS are a prime example of this. So don't allow yourselves to get caught up in their perverse Web of criminality. What they've already done to you is unforgivable enough.

And of course you'll notice that every attempt that you make to expose the mind control aspect in regard to what you are being subjected to is completely dismissed to further attack your credibility -- again proving how agencies like the FBI and NSA deliberately leave out exculpatory information which will benefit you. They also have a history of giving out bits and pieces of the truth in order to circulate the rest of their fabrications, which is why they have been able to destroy the lives of so many people. Yet another of myriad reasons for why these federal cesspools should be abolished.

The fact of the matter is that if you have not been arrested and charged with a crime, you should not be targeted for psywarfare or stalked where ever you go by a group of rabid psychopaths, who are the true criminals in this major malfunction that we refer to as the United States of America.

So hit the DELETE key instead of allowing yourselves to get sandbagged by these federal reprobates! In retrospect you'll find it was the smart thing to do.

Especially given the FEDS' voracious appetite for causing irreconcilable conflict -- they excel at such sadism given their diseased mindset. After all, we're talking about filthy pigs here who videotape TI's within their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Also remember that these agents will torture you to death if given the opportunity and take great pleasure in doing so, while denying that they ever perpetrated such despicable crimes. Not to mention the mind control research which they have and continue to illegally subject so many of us to.

Have you ever noticed how when their vicious attacks against you continue to fail, the more you're the one who gets demonized? This is tantamount to a murderer demonizing a person whom they are targeting for murder, when the person is able to elude their criminal attacks.

And what about the demonic actions of many of the people who target you? Yet another example of what these federal psychopaths are really all about, and how EVIL the brainwashing protocols which they subject your families and communities to are. A situation which whether the FEDS like it or not is gradually unravelling on them.

The key for all TI's is to remove as many of the criminal venues in which these reprobates operate as is possible.

Once again, the DELETE key goes a long way to removing their E-mail venue as a strategic point for this psychotic harassment. Instead of driving you insane, let these FEDS' go insane and end up in a psyche ward. Given the number of people whom they have driven to psychosis and suicide -- not to mention the ones whom they have outright covertly murdered -- that's a fitting end for these miserable, mind raping, murderous psychopaths. Also remember, they're the ones perpetrating these sadistic crimes against humanity -- not you!

And as for the protracted spying of US Intelligence agencies on so many Americans within the privacy of our own homes -- something strictly prohibited by the United States Constitution under the 4Th Amendment -- this completely nullifies them as being any form of legitimate law enforcement. These are nothing but psychopathic power crazed thugs making the ultimate grab for power. And what they are perpetrating by electronically accessing and manipulating our thoughts puts them in the same class as an Adolph Hitler -- or perhaps even worse.

So why aren't these federal reprobates in prison? Why should they be allowed to continue to get away with illegally spying on us as they use their satellite based directed energy technology to electronically rape, torture and in some cases even murder men, women and children? Orwellian types of crimes which are occurring while US society remains largely unaware of how vulerable they themselves are to this Hitlerian technology.
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