Monday, April 07, 2008

Perhaps The Least Obvious Yet Most Effective Brainwashing Of Americans -- That Perpetrated By The JUNK Food Industry

Good Value Or An Early Death?

The fast food industry's super sizing concept of giving Americans more value at the drive up window for their hard earned and nearly worthless Federal Reserve Notes, is perhaps the best example of brainwashing ever perpetrated on the public (almost as effective as the American people's belief that the Federal Reserve Bank is operating legally). Buy one Big Mac and get one free. For many hard working Americans who are just barely able to make ends meet, the offer of getting such freebies whenever they eat at one of America's fast food restaurants is just too good to pass up.

However the trade off in calories and the high cholesterol in a fat used to add flavor to these burgers, fries and other such foods --known as tallow -- has resulted in a nation of citizens whose arteries are becoming clogged at earlier and earlier ages. And with this addiction to fast foods, Americans are rapidly becoming the cardiologist's dream come true.

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