Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Sabotage Of My Electronic Gear Rages On

Earlier this week I ordered a patch cable for a vintage cassette deck, which I received today. Unfortunately, the right channel of the cable was not functioning properly and it must now go back. I document this because I am almost certain that the *cable was deliberately damaged by the FEDS so that I would have to send it back.

*After receiving an E-mail from the seller of this cable, an E-mail I might add which was loaded with psychological triggers, I am now certain that this hi-fi accessory was deliberately damaged, just to give the FEDS' yet another venue in which to attack my person (they are always searching for new venues in which to perpetrate this psychotic harassment).

*The seller has agreed to ship a brand new cable free of charge, so we shall see what happens.

Moreover, as part of the FEDS' attack on the electronic components in my home, I have been forced to purchase a less expensive hi-fi system over the past few weeks, to keep my more expensive equipment from being electronically zapped by these NSA psychopaths, who in the last week and a half alone destroyed a tuner/preamplifier and CD player -- replacement value of both units would be about $1500 retail.

Last year they fried the main circuit board in a $2000 CD Receiver while it was off, so not using this equipment is no guarantee that they won't attack it -- however, it is less likely when they can first take out the gear that I am actually listening to. Then they'll move on to the more expensive stuff.

Why do I document this any further? Because who would believe that some NSA agents (AKA cyborgs) have nothing better to do with their time then to use their spy satellites to remotely attack American citizens and the electronic equipment within their homes? It makes no sense at all, yet it's happening constantly to myself and many other victims of these hi-tech electronic crimes.

And since these reprobates are continuing to do so, and as long as they do, I will write about every detail of these covert, yet very real and disturbing attacks.

The Criminal Campaign To Disenfrachise Me As An American

In their protracted criminal attacks of my person, the result of a single FBI agent who in typical vigilante style, sought to deny me my rights under the color and cover of law (while completely circumventing the rule of US Constitutional law), the federal agents and agencies who have taken part in these vicious attacks honestly thought that they were going suicide me early in the game,

And man were they wrong -- to the tune of millions of dollars. And now, I am going to spend what time I have left in this life ensuring that the people on this planet know exactly how these FEDS operate, while continuing to expose the clandestine satellite technology which they deploy against selected Americans who are not only illegally spied upon in the most egregious of ways (and in violation of their 4Th and 5Th Amendment rights, but also used for the express purpose of helping to unwittingly further the NSA's furtive mind control research program.

I will also continue to document how the NSA (oftentimes at the FBI's request) uses satellite based directed energy weapon's technology to both torture and murder those whom they have targeted for the systematic destruction of their lives -- the greatest con that the US Federal Government has ever pulled on its own people -- even worse that the Federal Reserve Act, 16Th Amendment/IRS, and National Security Act scams - three pieces of criminal legislation which have absolutely allowed these agencies to covertly rape and pillage the American public.

To the American taxpayer: -- I apologize for the millions of dollars which US Intel has blown in their attempt to entrap me over a 28 year period, as well as the money they have used in order to attack other TI's -- there are much better ways of spending this money, but not until you take back the US Congress and make it work for you. Remember, Congress is supposed to represent your interests; not those of corporate (fascist) America.

However, Congress seems to have forgotten this, and it's up to you to remind them of it.

It's time for this government's treasonous lies to end.

God Fearing People Committing Terrible Crimes?

And as for those who claim to be God fearing people (many federal agents do), the truth of the matter whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, is that more people have been murdered in the name of God than in all of the contemporary wars ever fought.

And the question which must be asked of federal agents who have covertly tortured and murdered many people while doing their so called jobs is were they doing so in the name of God?

I certainly hope not.

Federal Agents Who Play The Religious Card

I have seen first hand how when a federal agency such as the FBI fails to entrap a person whom it has targeted for one of its illegal COINTELPRO operations, that the FBI will then attempt to demonize the targeted person, while playing the religious card -- referring to the person as a Godless heathen, EVIL, demonic etc. This is typical of the type of smear campaigns which these agencies utilize when their objective Sting operations have failed, and there is nothing left for them to do but promulgate an egregious public character assassination campaign against the TI.

Ironically enough, most of these federal agents appear to believe that they are saved and going to Heaven when they die. However, if you are torturing and murdering people for a living, the only place that you're going when you die is Hell, if in fact you happen to espouse such a belief system.

Many of us don't -- instead believing that both Heaven and Hell are human made constructs created to address the myriad injustices which as a species the human race has been subjugated to throughout its history here on Earth.

As for the delusional thinking of many of these agents, also reflect on a comment made by one of the FBI investigators who defended the FBI's actions at WACO, even though it was clear that the Bureau fired on the Branch Davidians when its agents had claimed that they had not, which ultimately resulted in the inferno which killed eighty six human beings.

The agent said something to the effect that he was God fearing and going to Heaven when he died. Having made such an arrogant and presumptuous statement one must ask, is he omniscient or delusional? After all, he did justify the unnecessary murders of more than eighty people (many of whom were children), most of whom were immolated by the FBI and BATF. If he was truly a God fearing man, common sense dictates that a more appropriate response would have been his having been scared to death after justifying such an insidious act.

Instead he appeared confidant that he would get into Heaven, regardless of his heinous acts; something indicative of the collective and delusional mindset of many federal agents, who appear to never reflect on their horrific crimes against humanity -- including that of using psychological warfare in which to drive selected targets to suicide.

Such agents are truly representative of the wicked.

And lest you think I am being too critical here consider the following:

For nearly three decades I have been illegally tracked by way of NSA satellite, in which during this time I have been spied upon 24 hours a day, including within the privacy of my own home -- an outrageous violation of both the 4Th and 5Th Amendment.

I have also been subjected to non consensual human experimentation, in which I have been used as an unwitting subject for remote mind control research, while my brainwaves have been electronically tapped into by way of the NSA's Electronic Brain Link technology, which uses supercomputers to ILLEGALLY remotely monitor my thoughts. This in and of itself is an outrageous violation of my rights as an American citizen, and one which I will in no way ever tolerate.

I have also been physically and psychologically assaulted by those within the NSA who have illegally deployed this technology against my person, in such cowardly and vicious acts which I find not only reprehensible, but also unforgivable.
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