Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The US Federal Government Takes The American Taxpayer (AKA Sucker) For Another Financial Hosing

Using satellites to illegally spy upon Americans within the privacy of our own homes; stealing trillions of dollars a year which it continues to remain unaccountable for, and now Congress's own watch dog group -- the Office Of General Accounting (GAO) -- reports that millions more have been squandered by irresponsible US Federal Government employees.

What Americans need is a brand new government beginning with a brand new Congress which will do the job it was created to do -- instead of kowtowing to America's corporate lobbyists, who are mostly responsible for the criminalization of what was once a well run government; while continuing to find creative ways in which to rip off the American people.

GAO: Millions Wasted on Gov't Cards

Apr 8, 7:36 PM (ET)


- Federal employees charged millions of dollars for Internet dating, tailor-made suits, lingerie, lavish dinners and other questionable expenses to their government credit cards over a 15-month period, congressional auditors say.

A report by the Government Accountability Office, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, examined spending controls across the federal government following reports of credit-card abuse at departments including Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs.

The review of card spending at more than a dozen departments from 2005 to 2006 found that nearly 41 percent of roughly $14 billion in credit-card purchases, whether legitimate or questionable, did not follow procedure - either because they were not properly authorized or they had not been signed for by an independent third party as called for in federal rules to deter fraud.

For purchases over $2,500, nearly half - or 48 percent - were unauthorized or improperly received.

Out of a sample of purchases totaling $2.7 million, the government could not account for hundreds of laptop computers, iPods and digital cameras worth more than $1.8 million. In one case, the U.S. Army could not say what happened to computer items making up 16 server configurations, each of which cost nearly $100,000.

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