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Bridging The Great Divide Between Those Who Demand Empirical Proof Of Mind Control And Those Who Know It's Happening To Them

This aspect of being targeted for the crimes of mind control and organized stalking is in some respects the most frustrating of all, since as a target, you know that you are experiencing a phenomenon like nothing you have ever dealt with in the past.

Moreover, you know that your thoughts are being stolen from your own mind (the greatest crime of all) and that the thoughts of others (as well as images and other forms of video streaming content) are being placed into your mind by some external source; without your knowledge or consent.

So these crimes are happening to you and you have now documented them. The hardest work appears to be done. At least, that is what you've naively told yourself.

As a target of such Orwellian crimes, you find many others who believe that what you are documenting is true, based on their own experiences. However, in these people, you begin to realize that your situation isn't so special after all, since there are thousands now chronicling similar ones; most of whom have little or no idea of the genesis behind these phenomena.

So you find yourself amidst a large group of people who are suffering terribly, while being infuriated that anyone would attempt to violate them in such outrageous ways. And while most are passive enough given the enormity of what they are experiencing , many are pugilistic and just looking to take their anger out on anyone whom they believe they are entitled to attack.

Still adding to this confusion is that the very agencies who are behind these crimes have now completely infiltrated the groups of people who have joined ranks in order to combat the hellish nightmare which they now find themselves in.

Moreover, if you are a TI who's capable of not only doing a credible job of articulating the harassment which you experience, but also venture to expose those who are the likely perpetrators in the crimes you are being subjected to, you will be attacked aggressively through the use of a smear campaign -- and oftentimes, by those who claim to have the TI community's best interests at heart.

And it would appear that the more effective and closer to the mark certain TI's get to identifying their attackers, the more aggressively they are both set upon and demonized.

Many of them then suffer further insult when being referred to as misinformation or disinformation artists, by those whose criticisms may be done in a genuine effort to protect the integrity of the TI community, or more likely, to deliberately obfuscate the facts behind those who represent the genesis of these crimes. These TI's are attacked relentlessly - first by those who are the actual perpetrators of the crimes themselves; and later, by those who have simply allowed themselves to be led astray after being fed a steady diet of disinformation.

Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, what you find here is that these "pillars" are deliberately obscuring the facts, because once the TI community begins to collectively recognize that there is one group comprised of many subgroups, who are in fact responsible for the crimes being perpetrated against them, the nebulous aspects of these crimes become clarified. As such, it now becomes easier to identify those who are perpetrating these crimes -- something they can ill afford to have happen.

I for one know that those who perpetrate these crimes against my person have electronically tapped into my brain and as such, are capable of not only knowing what I am thinking 24 hours a day, but also what I am seeing and hearing.

This is not a sign of an overactive imagination. This is empirical proof that I am being subjected to non consensual experimentation and by someone who has access to the ether - and by this I refer to a spy satellite with specialized capabilities which enable the user to perform two way communication with my mind.

Thus it's clearly preposterous to think that some local malcontent whom I have never met and have no complaint with, would suddenly take out their magic mind reading machine and target me with it (something which a small number of TI's would have us believe -- however I believe that these so called TI's are nothing but perp's who have infiltrated the TI community for the purpose of disinformation).

The fact is that there is a substantial criminal element within the US Intelligence Community that is perpetrating these crimes against my person and myriad others, and doing so under the color and cover of law -- which is why they are still getting away with these crimes decades after they began.

And there is a person within the TI community whom I have personally gone to great lengths to research. A person who is well respected and more than likely became involved in this phenomena for good reasons, only to later become compromised. However, how this person may have become compromised is anyone's guess. Living through extremely difficult times while dodging slings and arrows everyday of one's life can eventually get the best of anyone.

However, I believe that this person now serves to in fact disinform the TI community in regard to those who are identifying the agencies perpetrating these crimes against them.

This is a person who has been quietly accused of being a CIA asset, and who has on more than one occasion deliberately attempted to obfuscate significant proof that US Intelligence agencies are behind these crimes. This person has never said point blank that these agencies are not involved. However, they have deliberately looked to discredit anyone who has identified a specific agency as the genesis of their mind control harassment.

And I find this subterfuge very disturbing, because I believe that this person is being used to make certain that the TI community is never able to make the final leap in regard to connecting those who perpetrate these crimes with the crimes themselves.

So what we have here is a situation which never gets resolved, while we continue to be viciously attacked by those who are not only perpetrating these crimes, but also infiltrating and disinforming the TI community. (I will not use the word misinforming here because I believe that the person to whom I am referring is deliberately circulating incorrect information in order to keep the TI community in a state of perpetual confusion, and using the credibility which they have in order to do so.)

I know for certain that I have told the truth in regard to what I am experiencing and that the most likely culprit in the attacks on my person is the National Security Agency. I also find any person who deliberately looks to discredit the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA as suspect in this disinformation campaign -- a campaign which I am certain is being orchestrated by this agency and others within US Intelligence to derail any legitimate investigations into their covert operations.

So the question remains, how do you bridge the divide between a community whose members collectively acknowledge that they are being subjected to some very bizarre phenomena, yet are incapable of making the transition in order to understand who is perpetrating these crimes against them?

The answer is common sense.

For instance, there is no way that your average citizen can electronically read and manipulate your thoughts -- this type of technology is owned and operated by agencies like the NSA, who are now using their shills to disinform the TI community, by having them believe that some nefarious and wealthy organized crime syndicates are really committing these Orwellian crimes.

The truth of the matter is that the NSA doesn't want this type of competition and has the ability to shut anyone with this technology down at will -- if they in fact actually had access to this technology -- I seriously doubt that they do. No, this a clever piece of disinformation created specifically to leave the TI community guessing as to whom is responsible for the attacks on their persons.

And just as the US Military is using the "Alien Agenda" to covertly perpetrate their own abductions of American citizens for questionable purposes (MILABS), it would appear that the NSA is also using the same type of creative whitewashing tactic to obscure its own inhumane operations.

The NSA should be the focal point when it comes to investigating mind control crimes; and anyone who tells you differently should be considered suspect.

Is the NSA the only agency perpetrating these crimes? Absolutely not. But it's the genesis of them -- and like the CIA -- a major player in mind control research.

If it's disinformation you're looking for, pickup the phone and call your local FBI office and inquire about the phenomenon of mind control and organized stalking crimes; you'll get all the disinfo you can handle. Because disinformation is what Intel agencies like the NSA and FBI do best -- not to mention inventing new ways in which to violate your rights as an American citizen, while always defending what they do; even when this filth is circulating videos of Americans taken by satellite within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

How they are actually getting away with doing this is anyone's guess, since they are in the commission of several crimes; not the least of which is the circulation of pornography. It would seem that the FEDS' have found themselves a new venue for cash -- using unwitting American citizens in their porn video's.

Further proof that these agencies are comprised of absolute garbage.

There is a new frontier that Americans are headed for, where the most egregious of abuses are perpetrated against their rights, and not even the slightest ripple is made. The beginnings of Nazi Germany all over again.

And believe me when I tell you, I know of what I speak. People are being covertly tortured and murdered within the privacy of their own homes, as well as subjected to the psychological warfare crime of organized stalking, while those perpetrating these vicious crimes have been unwittingly brainwashed into believing that they have the right to covertly murder these TI's.

And the disinfo agents amongst us are plentiful and quietly monitoring the TI community to ensure that the real culprits in these crimes are never exposed.

However, what is occurring within the TI community is a manifestation of a much greater problem -- the global rise of Nazism.

Do you remember what it took to get rid of Adolph Hitler and most of his Third Reich? The nearly complete decimation of Germany. And while Hitler has rightly been demonized for the tens of millions who he was directly involved in murdering, most people don't realize that he was a practicing Roman Catholic, and had a close relationship with the Vatican -- which unwittingly helped to finance his war machine.

So if you don't think that men with strong religious doctrine are capable of murdering millions of innocent people, Hitler was certainly proof that this is true. And moreover, that another Nazi rise to power is possible if the citizenry of this planet can be duped into a false sense of security, while being subjected to rampant Nationalism, in order to dissuade them from criticizing the treasonous acts of their own governments.

"If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists"

"The Constitution Is Only A Goddamned Piece Of Paper"

-- George W. Bush

For another example of this, just take a good look around you, regardless of where you live in the world in the present day, because the seeds for such a catastrophe have now germinated, and with them the strong possibility of another World War.

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