Tuesday, April 08, 2008

For TI's Whose E-mail Accounts Are Regularly Used For Psychological Warfare

US Intel Continues To Manipulate The Public

Many TI's have reported this phenomenon, so much so that they have often closed their E-mail accounts and opened others, only to find the same situation occurring over and over again. And asking those who are sending these E-mails to refrain from doing so doesn't matter either, since their goal is to drive the TI insane.

Rather than getting frustrated, there should be an option on all E-mail accounts, regardless of which server they are operating from, to include the E-mail addresses of those perpetrating these Internet crimes, in order to block them. A feature which I have been forced to utilize given the FEDS' relentless attacks on this particular venue for their psychological operations. In one instance one of these perp's (who must have a block of concrete between their ears) became such a nuisance that their E-mail address is now automatically deleted when it gets sent, so that I don't even have to bother doing so.

Unfortunately, given the total mayhem which now exists within the United States, where there is no longer any legitimate rule of law, while those who are paid to enforce the US Constitution are finding creative ways in which to violate it, Americans must now enforce their own Constitutional rights.

That is what happens when the US Intelligence community violates its own rule of law, as the NSA routinely does regarding Directive 18 -- The NSA's "Bible" for what these agents are legally able to do, and just as importantly what they are not.

Moreover, if you are being attacked by some federal hornet's nest like many of us are, these agents are going to pull ever dirty trick in the book, while obliterating your rights; as such, any claims which these miscreants make in regard to enforcing the law no longer have any merit whatsoever -- given that they are the ones committing these crimes.

These agents are nothing but high tech predators, using spy satellites and super computers to perpetrate their treasonous crimes of predation. And because of this, there will eventually be a very substantial price for them to pay, given their outrageous betrayal of the American people's trust -- the most egregious breach of trust every documented by a people against their own government.

If you have been denied your right to due process of law, it is you who's been the victim of the most serious of crimes, while those within this government who continue to perpetrate them against you, no longer have any legitimate standing as law enforcement. If they are violating the US Constitution, they are guilty of treason and should be tried for it, since they have now become so abjectly corrupted, that there is no way in which these organizations can continue to exist as they do at present.

It is time that US Intelligence agencies like the FBI and NSA -- who spy on and videotape millions of Americans within the privacy of their own homes -- end their completely immoral, unethical and disgusting ways of operating - something which should be exposed globally in order to bring about their abolition.

Or would you like to wait until these bathroom peeping perverts do this to you? That is if they haven't already. As for the US Intel agencies involved in the conspiracy to violate the rights of my Family and self, and who are now in the most pathetic and illegal attempt ever documented, trying to use the citizenry to justify such despicable behavior, what we now have is a precedent setting attack on the rights of all Americans.

Moreover, the majority (if not all) of these citizens know nothing of the US Intelligence community's covert mind control research -- something which agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS never want this nation's people to learn of, given how vulnerable they themselves are to these Nazi run agencies, and their treasonous use of this technology.

And this conspiratorial attack on the minds of American citizens (as well as those from around the globe) will be exposed for exactly what it is, as will those agencies which have clandestinely orchestrated it -- Those with a history as Liars, cheats, thieves, torturers and murderers.

Given the abject threat which they represent to the human race, and their covert attempts in which to cover up the New World Order's global central government agenda, there is no longer any other option.
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