Friday, April 11, 2008

Video Of A TI Being Setup By Organized Stalking PERPS -- Next To Liza Parker's Organized Stalking Video This Is The Best One Yet

A TI by the name of Carl, who lives in Inverness, Florida manages to avoid arrest after a woman and child being used in the organized stalking harassment of his person, attempt to set him up on the charge of *assault with a deadly weapon. Still more disturbing is that the local police department appears to have been in on the entire situation, with two patrol cars showing up just after Carl left his home to run some errands. Moreover, when he returned the cops were waiting for him, did not even bother to listen to his side of the story, and stated that "they would be seeing him again." A veiled threat.

* I was subjected to assault with a deadly weapon back in the Summer of 2005, when one of these psychopathic perp's used their sedan to crash into the back of my motorcycle as I waited for a traffic light to change, knocking the bike to the ground, and causing several hundred dollars worth of damage. This was done in an effort to have me physically assault the driver, which as much as he deserved it, I refrained from doing.

Instead, when I confronted the driver of the car, he just smirked at me, and drove off when I told him to get the hell out of my sight. It was at this point that I realized that I was in a cold war with these psychopaths, and that there were many other people being attacked in such vicious ways.

These perp's know that they have the protection of the cops, and as such are invulnerable to prosecution for these crimes. Which should give you an idea of what the cops are all about since passage of the Patriot Act. I mean, look at what we have for a president. Need I say more?

It is safe to say that had Carl not had this surveillance camera taping the situation, he would have been arrested based on a complete setup. He also documents how several of this woman's organized stalking companions were quick to substantiate her allegations against Carl, even though they knew that he was innocent of any crime.

In taking part in this criminal conspiracy, not only was the woman who attempted to entrap Carl guilty of a felony; so were her six co-conspirators, not to mention the two police officers who took part in this scam.

Carl is now filing a complaint with the Internal Affairs Division of his local police precinct in efforts to have these officers investigated. However, I am not optimistic for him, given that the entire law enforcement system has become so corrupted, that in all likelihood, his claims will be ignored -- a sign of the times and our lost Constitutional Republic.

These types of FBI style entrapment's are now occurring across the United States in the present day, and to millions of American citizens, many of whom still do not realize that there is a major conspiracy being perpetrated against them, which finds its genesis within the US Intelligence community. And that their local police departments are involved in this criminal conspiracy in efforts to disenfranchise them of their rights as American citizens.

Remember, we're talking about agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS using satellites to spy on millions of Americans within the privacy of their own homes, without ever obtaining a warrant. This is not legal and the FEDS know it. This is abject vigilantism, in which the only rule of law is that of the jungle.

These FEDS are as dependent on this control and the hi-tech means in which to achieve it, as the crack junkie is on getting their next fix. It's a disastrous situation, and this is before we even take into account the electronic warfare crimes which these miscreants are perpetrating against us by way of satellite based electromagnetic technology.

What we are experiencing has nothing to do with law enforcement, which is just a lame excuse that these Nazi idealized vermin use for testing out their latest hi-tech toys. It's about control freaks using their authority to perpetrate the very crimes which they have sworn an oath to prosecute. And given their control over our communities, it's little wonder why these communities are being turned into horrifying vigilante spectacles, where even women and children (as in Carl's video) are being used in such victimization's; and without realizing it, also being victimized.

For example, suppose Carl had lost control of his car and actually run over this woman and her child. It would have been a tragedy which could have been avoided. Yet the woman placed both herself and child in possible harm's way. Which should say something about her sanity -- and for that matter the questionable sanity of all organized stalkers. It is also says something about the so called law enforcement that is quietly orchestrating these crimes -- that they see those whom they enlist to take part in these crimes as being expendable pawns.

It's getting to the point where it appears that those being targeted for these crimes are the only sane people left on this planet, as the rest either take part in them, or ignore what is occurring.

The entire American citizenry (and for that matter the rest of the proletariat on this planet) is being played by a core group of Nazi's whose ideal is to create their own super race of being, while genociding the rest of the people on this planet. Do you really think it's a coincidence that minorities (African Americans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans in particular) are being attacked as aggressively as they are? There is nothing coincidental about this.

Those Luciferian worshipers who comprise the Illuminati (the dregs of the Earth) want these people dead, in order to conserve their precious natural resources. Which is why they create bioweapons like AIDS, Ebola, Lyme Disease, Morgellons and a host of other nasty illnesses which are being used to gradually reduce the size of this planet's population.

And as for victims of organized stalking crimes, unfortunately, many of the unwitting targets of these crimes will continue to remain vulnerable to such attacks because of this ignorance, which is why any Website circulating accurate information regarding government sanctioned organized stalking crimes must continue to be propagated. We are dealing with the rise of Nazism here in the United States, and as such must find a way in which to take our country and government back.

Our freedom as a nation depends on it, for if we fail to do so, we will end up enslaved.

See Carl Turn The Tables On These Organized Stalking Reprobates:
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