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An Excellent Example Of How Another TI Is Either Wittingly Or Unwittingly Used In The Psyops Campaigns Deployed Against Other TI's/FBI-NSA-DHS SMEARS

"The immenseness of a government sanctioned demonization campaign waged against the person targeted for such a campaign, is commensurate with the crimes being perpetrated against the targeted person. In other words, the greater the conspiracy to violate the rights of the targeted person, the more aggressive the black propaganda smear campaign used to impugn the character of that person, in which to obfuscate the crimes which said person has been subjected to."

-- James F. Marino FBI COINTELPRO Target

How a Blog can be used to propagate a psychological operation against a person targeted for such government sanctioned crimes.

Using A Blog For The Purpose Of Psychological Warfare

I document the Website at the end of today's post to illustrate an example of the above diagram. This documentation is offered for my readers, as yet another example of how an Internet Website can be used as a venue in which to conduct a psychological warfare attack on a person targeted for such depraved crimes.

The Website at the end of this post may be the best example of one TI being covertly used by a third party (in this case US Intelligence), to covertly attack another TI (in this case myself) through the use of certain words or phrases which are deliberately used as psychological triggers in which to attack the mind of the targeted person.

Now in this particular instance it is entirely possible that the TI who owns the site listed at the end of today's post is completely unaware of what they are doing (i.e. being mind controlled into doing so), or possibly doing so intentionally, having been contacted by those within US Intelligence who are covertly conducting an Internet based smear campaign against my person.

And if this is indeed the case, it is yet further evidence that there is a very substantial criminal conspiracy being conducted by these federal agencies in efforts to deny me my rights under the United States Constitution; and to obfuscate their own egregious criminal activities against my person.

The readers will take notice of the link's section on the following TI's Website (The right side of the Webpage -- scroll down until you get to where it says James Marino; covers 9/11, harassment, civil liberties, biological harassment and mind control).

If the readers will actually go back over the prior several months since this alleged mind control target linked my Website to their own, you will notice an uncanny similarity to negative aspects of their posts anytime they approach the link which they have for my Webblog. I have studied this many times and find a clear pattern here. There is also little doubt that this is happening to many other TI's who visit certain Websites which are then with or without their owner's knowledge, co opted in order to psychologically abuse the TI in question.

I cite this simply because my Webblog has been created to document the subtlest of details in regard to how federal agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS use psychological warfare to cause mental duress to those whom they target, while quietly demonizing these TI's with others.

I have long stated that in their EVIL machinations, the FEDS have more than likely contacted the online TI community in which to demonize me. Moreover, this is being done to prevent me from being able to expose the extent of the crimes which the FBI, NSA and DHS have and continue to perpetrate against me.

And the situation is now getting completely out of hand, given that my accounts are credible, being circulated globally, and do offer powerful evidence that the FEDS are working covertly to suicide me in efforts to prevent me from ever obtaining justice for what they have subjected my Beloved Family and self to. A situation so abjectly vicious, that it sets a precedent in the United States for human rights abuses by the US Federal Government, against American citizens.

As for the following blog, the FEDS would like nothing better than to create an altercation between the owner of this blog and myself, who will no doubt deny any involvement in a federally orchestrated conspiracy in which to attack my person. And it is entirely possible that the person has posted such negative comments next to my link completely unwittingly, as this person does claim to be nearly 100% mind controlled (something they have repeatedly stated on their Website).

However, the readers should take note of how often this person's negative comments are posted next to the link to my blog -- so often in fact that I think the likelihood of its being coincidental is nearly Nil. Once again, I detail this simply to illustrate how the FEDS are able to use others in which to covertly attack me in efforts to both demonize and suicide my person.

This particular example is two fold in that either this person is covertly attacking me unwittingly (by means of mind control), or doing so wittingly (meaning that they have been contacted by the FEDS and are are willing cooperating in the federally orchestrated conspiracy to deny me my rights as an American citizen. So either way, the following blog will serve as an example in which to demonstrate how TI's can be used to attack other TI's; with or without their knowledge or consent).

If this is indeed the case, then this person may also have seen physical evidence which can in a court of law be used to prove that the FEDS have violated both my 4Th and 5Th Amendment rights, by colluding to use NSA satellites to both violate my privacy as well as subject me to non consensual human experimentation -- in this case a remote form of mind control research. And offer yet further proof of this outrageous and federally orchestrated conspiracy against my person, by the lawless anathema that Americans refer to as US Intelligence

What a misnomer this name is. More like "Congress Authorized Criminal Syndicate" given the outrageous nature of their crimes, and how federal agents routinely use their positions in authority in which to conduct their own illegal vendettas, while committing these crimes under the color and cover of law -- extremely serious federal crimes in and of themselves.

The following blog is also in and of itself a concrete example of what someone being subjected to mind control research deals with each day of their lives; and how these inhumane protocols are being deployed against a myriad of citizens around the world in the present day. And since this TI also appears to read my blog on a regular basis, I now wonder how long the link to my blog will remain on their own, once they read this post? (That is unless they are being completely mind controlled, in which case anything is possible).

Once again, the primary focus of Websites which document mind control harassment, is to illustrate for the uninitiated, every detail of how these crimes are perpetrated against mind control victims, so that we may one day end these egregious and sicked minded human rights abuses.

Something which the federal agencies who perpetrate them (NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA et. al.) are attempting to prevent us from doing. Agencies which have now become so abjectly criminal and arrogant that they regularly spy on us within the privacy of our own homes, while using electronic brain link technology to remotely monitor and manipulate our thoughts by way of satellite.

Given such outrageous abuses of both constitutional and human rights is it any wonder why those of us who are documenting these abhorrent crimes are being vilified by those perpetrating them against us? Moreover, an equally important question remains --- Why aren't these federal agents/criminals in prison?

And why are we allowing these mind raping Nazi thugs to get away with what are the most outrageous violations of our rights ever documented in the history of the United States?

The truth is that given their egregious and intolerable violations of our rights, it is these federal criminals who should be tracked by way of satellite so that Americans can "keep the US Intelligence community honest in their operations."

Something which they are clearly not doing in the present day, given their long history of abusing every aspect of their spy technology; including violating the 4Th Amendment and all human rights' legislation, by conducting illegal and long-term satellite fishing expeditions of Americans within the privacy of their own homes, as well as using electronic brain link technology to remotely access their thoughts -- an atrocity never before documented within the annals of American history. And without a doubt the worst violation of human rights ever exposed by American citizens in regard to those committed by the US Intelligence community. Especially when taking into consideration the possible illicit application of this technology to every citizen within the United States (not to mention the rest of this planet).

As it presently stands, many TI's have experienced the electronic rape of both their minds and bodies by means of satellite deployed electromagnetic weaponry clandestinely used by agencies like the NSA.

And now the U.S. Congress (with the exceptions of a few of its present and former members) will not even acknowledge what is being done to us, and appears to completely acquiesce to such criminal activity, by voting to make such illegal and unconstitutional spying legal?

Are these Congress person's looking to destroy what is left of our freedom under the pretense of a war on terror? Or have they completely lost all of their sensibilities?

And why aren't more people bringing these issues to the public's attention?!!

Anytime you click on a post remember to scroll down until you get to where it says James Marino; covers 9/11, harassment, civil liberties, biological harassment and mind control). Then read the text which the TI in question has posted next to the link to my Website. As you scroll from one of his posts to the next, you will no doubt begin to see a pattern in which there are myriad negative comments -- one in fact in which Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele himself is mentioned posted directly adjacent to the link to my Website -- a situation which is likely a coicidence.

The blog in question:

Moreover, if this blog owner is aware of what he is typing, the FEDS must have done one hell of job demonizing me to this guy to compare me to a Nazi who spent his days physically torturing and mutilating adults and children. Is it any wonder with such types of enormous slander campaigns, how the FEDS are able to so effectively demonize us with the public?

Fortunately, since I have never raised a hand to harm a child or a woman, much less torture one, I would hardly qualify as such a demonic figure as Mengele, however this is an excellent illustration of the gross hyperbole which these federal agencies spin when demonizing someone whom they can't legally arrest, yet who knows the EVIL which they represent.

Thus it's no wonder that the FEDS are trying to find a covert way in which to murder me. If everyone knew the terrible things which I know about them, their agencies would be abolished and they would probably be hanged for treason. As for this blog owner, I can imagine what those demonizing him must say about him to those who are stalking him with the EVIL intentions that he describes on his Website.

Of course slander campaigns are nasty things and so are those who propagate them.

And for that matter so are those operating within such federal agencies as the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS, who would spy upon and videotape American citizens within the privacy of their own homes. I find this to be typical of both their perversion of mind as well as their megalomaniacal personalities -- in essence those with a God complex which manifests itself in their attempts to control others through the use of sadistic means such as remote forms of torture (in this case the use of satellite based directed energy weaponry used to remotely torture selected targets from within the privacy of their own homes). Something which is occurring to millions of people within the United States alone; as well as to millions of others globally.

A situation which is gradually being brought to a head by those of us who will no longer tolerate such despicable Nazi cruelty.
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