Saturday, April 12, 2008

The FEDS Have Long Had Us Believe That The Internet Is Completely Inundated With Pornographic Websites -- However It's Not

The US Federal Government has finally admitted that the Internet is not inundated with pornography Websites as the FBI has led the public to believe in the past. A recent goverment study has shown that these sites only account for roughly one percent of the content found on the Internet. However, to have heard the FBI tell it, one would have thought that the Internet was completely overrun by this content -- yet another piece of the bureau's disinformation. So what is the FBI really doing surfing the Internet?

Data mining and spying on Internet users like you.

And trying to close down Websites like mine, which document some of the most outrageous crimes against American citizens ever documented. Which is why the FBI is presently attempting to create some plausible reason for either arresting me or having me committed for psychiatric evaluation, even when it is quite clear that what I am documenting in the way of mind control crimes is also being documented by thousands of other TI's, whose cries for help are being completely ignored by those within the US Federal Government who could be helping to end these attacks.

Instead, the FEDS continue to perpetrate what are the most outrageous atrocities committed against American citizens in this country's history. And something which to their dismay will leave these agencies and their despicable ways of operating, a legacy as anathema, given all of the blood shed that they have caused -- curse everyone of their rotten souls.

As for the FEDS and the crimes that they have committed against my Family and self, no matter what they do at this point, it won't be enough, because I have every intention of exacting my own means in which to obtain justice. However, unlike these Nazi pigs, I will do so within the Constitutional rule of law in this country, while cutting through the political bullshit and abject lies which continue to bind the American people.

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