Saturday, April 12, 2008

The FEDS' Latest Psychological Trigger -- THE PETITION -- Another Mind Manipulation & Virtual Rape Of My Constitutional Rights

I have read of this particular trigger being used in attacks on other TI's in the past. The motive of course is always the same -- to cause the TI psychological duress. In this instance the TI is made to believe that a petition is being circulated by a group in which to have them incarcerated or in some way further harassed by law enforcement.

In reality, any such petition when used by those perpetrating such criminal acts as organized stalking, and in which to deny an American citizen their rights, is in essence a complete scam. Those who perpetrate such crimes -- especially when at the direction of agencies like the FBI, NSA or DHS (who are abusing their authority under the color and cover of law) -- are only making themselves complicit in yet another conspiratorial and treasonous crime.

It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of the federal agents themselves, who appear to believe that some how their own opinions are more important than the actual Constitutional rule of law in this country. Which explains why our communities have been turned into raving lunatics who are now in the commission of serious felonies, while violating the rights of others. And who could not care less that they are breaking the law as long as they are not the ones who are being subjected to these crimes.

These people are sick minded and being manipulated by federal agencies that are gradually destroying the rule of Constitutional law in this country.

Once again, way to go US Intelligence on teaching the people in this country exactly what they should NOT be doing! If you want to do something constructive advise them to stop paying the federal income tax, since it's unconstitutional. Moreover, it's also costing the American worker nearly a trillion dollars a year the result of paying into this fraud; money which should be in their wallets -- not the privately held Federal Reserve Bank's, as it has been since this criminal syndicate went into business in 1913.

Americans have been paying for this deception ever since and to the tune of trillions of dollars.

As for this latest scam (whether these fools would actually try something so brazen or not is still open to question -- since they are insane), it will be yet one more in a myriad in which they have no effect, other then to further their guilt in the complicity of the extensive crimes already perpetrated against my person.

And once this latest machination fails, the FEDS will undoubtedly come up with a new one and run with that until it loses its effectiveness. Moreover, if there has been a more outrageous violation of both civil and human rights than I have documented in the 28 year US Intel attack of my person, I am still waiting to learn of it. I am documenting the longest warrantless spying of an American citizen by way of satellite in United States History.

And there is absolutely no rule of law here. A situation this horrific could have only been orchestrated by an agency of US Intel, which is quite clearly making up its own rules as it goes.

And why are my allegations as a mind control target being completely ignored by the New York State Senate, ACLU and Amnesty International? And for that matter why are the allegations of all TI's regardless of which states or countries they reside in being ignored by their respective governments?

Once again, another indication of the mass conspiracy which is occurring globally in regard to these mind control crimes.

Historically, such acts are usually followed by civil revolts as I expect this one will be, if Congress remains unable to reign these Pit Bulls in. Because their current activities bespeak a despotic type of government, which I for one have no intention of ever acknowledging; a government which in the near future is going to be attacking anyone who speaks out against it, regardless of how mild the criticism.

As for the crimes being perpetrated against my person, exactly who's the one who is insane here? The person who lives their life within the privacy of their own home, or the ones who are stalking that person 24 hours a day, and looking for every possible way in which to drive that person to suicide?

And exactly how is it that I became demonized in the first place, since I don't even know the people who are taking part in this organized stalking of my person? Are the FEDS now conducting their own trials in absentia? Is that what this is all about? But how could that be, since the only time in which a trial in absentia is conducted is when they can't locate the person who is to be tried?

Moreover, why does this sound as if it's dishonest? Why does it sound as if it's illegal, and for that matter that the government itself is completely skirting the real issues here?

Probably because it is.

However, the FEDS know where to find me since they have been illegally spying on me for nearly three decades while subjecting me to non consensual experimentation. So how is it that my reputation has been trashed without having ever been arrested, tried or convicted of a crime? For that matter how is that all TI's report a similar situation in which they have been attacked by complete strangers.

And more recently, many report that their families were eventually included in these attacks. A number of TI's have reported that family members did not want to take part in these attacks but were forced to do so, or otherwise run the risk of being attacked in a similar way.

However it is interesting to note that in at least many instances, those perpetrating these crimes only included the families of these TI's, when they were not making headway in forcing them to commit suicide.

As I have said in the past, the FEDS' bully bully bullshit mentality rages on, as they continue to obfuscate those facts which can lead to their abolition. Including the satellite based torture of myriad citizens in this country.

Ten years ago, I would never have imagined that there would be a need for a citizen, much less an American citizen to be writing about such remarkable and disturbing occurrences, in which people were just waking up one morning and finding that their entire worlds had changed overnight -- in reality we now know that what we experienced on that fateful D-day if you will, did not actually take place over night, but instead over the course of many years. A situation in which we were all covertly disenfranchised long before we were actually allowed to know about it.

Which brings us to the people who are behind these crimes, most of who are federal law enforcement.

Keeping this in mind, would you allow those who are functioning like Helter Skelter's Manson family attempt to deny you your rights? Of course not. So why allow any other agency of US Intelligence to do so when they are acting just as despicably?

I have said for several years now that the FBI conspired with other federal agencies to deny me my rights as an American citizen under the color and cover of law -- and I stand by my comments. I have also read of more than a dozen people who have also been setup by the FBI for these outrageous crimes, and being tortured everyday, while the US Congress and local law enforcement completely ignore these crimes.

Furthermore, if the FEDS had been operating legally in all this time, they would not have orchestrated the organized stalking attacks which most TI's are now being subjected to daily. And in my situation, a state of outright fascism in which there is no rule of constitutional law.

I don't know about the rest of TI's out there, but I have never been this enraged in my life. And it is unrealistic to expect anyone to deal with this intense abuse day in and day out without eventually enforcing your Constitutional right to defend yourself.

What is being done to us (and more importantly our Families) is so outrageous that I will continue to document every aspect of it, since the entire point of the FEDS' psyops has been to provoke me into a violent act in all this time, which they have failed to do.

And believe me when I tell you, they have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried (my emphasis!) to provoke me into a physical confrontation in order to bring the cops in -- including crashing into the back of my motorcycle in the Summer of 2005 as I waited for a traffic light to change.

I never even bothered to report that to the local cops, because I knew that before I ever made the call, the perp's would have called in and the street theatre would have begun. This is how insane this entire situation continues to be where these pieces of total crap will stab you in the back, while you never have the opportunity in which to defend yourself.

As for the damage to my motorcycle by this stalking prick, the truth is that if I had not been a gentleman at the time, the person who deliberately crashed into me(committing assault with a deadly weapon) would not have been smirking like a chimp for very long. He would have been trying to figure out how to free himself from the trunk of his car. That is what you do to people who deliberately crash their automobiles into you -- something the FEDS have done to vehicles in my Family on several occasions over the past few decades. These complete lunatics obviously have no problem with destroying other people's property. Perhaps their property should be destroyed in a similar fashion. Maybe they would take the hint?

In fact it was the FEDS' damage to my motorcycle which made me realize how deadly these people and their provocateurs could be, which resulted in my starting to journal over the Internet in regard to what I was being subjected to 24 hours a day.

And whether they want to acknowledge it or not, the FEDS' satellite tracking systems and the directed energy weapons which they are deploying to torture millions of people within the United States alone, are gradually becoming known globally thanks to this 9-11 Website and many others; a situation which these agencies are not going to be able to deny for much longer, because this technology does exist and is in fact being used illegally.

And I don't think that there is anyone alive who understands the danger that it represents to the minds of the human race more than those of us who are being targeted for it everyday of our lives.

Moreover any further attempts of theirs to injure or murder my person will only reinforce every truthful piece of documentation which I have published on my Website - As stated, a Website which I might add is causing these federal agencies a great deal of trouble, because once again, they do maintain the capability of using satellites to track people by way of their bio electromagnetic fields; and moreover they can electronically read and manipulate the thoughts of any citizen being targeted by way of a satellite based technology known as electronic brain link (something which I have been illegally subjected to by the NSA) -- which is going to cause them endless problems with the American people in the future, as they gradually learn of their own vulnerability to this technology.

As for claiming that I am psychotic, the truth of the matter is that if this were the case, the FEDS would not have found it necessary to use their psychological operations against me for the past five years. These psyops were deployed to create a state of psychosis, which should explain just how sick minded these so called agents are.

And if there was anything legitimate in what the FEDS were doing, they would not have found it necessary to violate my rights or those of my Family's for so many decades, and in such precedent setting ways; a situation in which we have been completely denied our privacy given the NSA's decades' long use of its satellites to spy into our home -- a situation which is totally outrageous and both completely unacceptable and criminal.

These so called agents are sick minded miscreants who are using satellites to electronically manipulate people's minds while raping and torturing their bodies. The Mind Control Forums' Website is perhaps the best venue in which to document this, given the hundreds of accounts of people who have been targeted for such Orwellian types of crimes. People who have been denied their right to due process of law, and routinely tortured by these sadistic and rabid examples of subhuman culture.

The fact that so many of us have been attacked so egregiously speaks volumes in regard to the massive conspiracy which those attacking us continue to whitewash. Moreover, somehow the FEDS believe that their EVIL machinations will eventually drive me to physically attack another person. However, this has not happened in five consecutive years of the most grueling psywarfare ever documented, nor will it happen. I only attack when being attacked.

As usual, it's the FEDS themselves who are using covert forms of violence in which to perpetrate their crimes.

The only difference this time, is that the person they are attacking understands their malicious activities as well as anyone on this planet, since I have been subjected to the FBI's COINTELPRO attacks for decades. And there is no way in which they can ever win this situation in any legal fashion; no matter how much the FEDS bullshit the public.

Thus the reason why they have continued to commit such a myriad of crimes against me, while completely ignoring every aspect of the laws which they themselves swore an oath to protect. The fact of the matter is that criminals have no business calling themselves law enforcement, when they have a long history of violating the laws which they were charged with upholding.

And that sums up the FBI, DHS and NSA to a Tee.

However, their spying of Americans within their own bathrooms and bedrooms is so far beyond the pale in this case that these people (and I used the word advisedly here) are teetering on the very brink of reality themselves. Something which is definitely going to cause them a great deal of problems in the future - especially when one considers their penchant for breaking the law and the absolute filth of mind which they represent as (to quote another of their victims) "the Living Dead!"

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