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Revisting the Bombing Of Pan Am Flight 103 Over Lockerbie, Scotland In 1988 -- Why The Case Should Be Reopened/ See "The Maltese Doublecross"

The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 smacked of conspiracy practically from the moment that reports of the doomed airliner were being broadcast around the world. However, upon closer inspection, was there really something to be gained by the deliberate destruction of this airliner? And if so by whom?

The following article attempts to answer these questions by exposing US Intelligence (in this case the FBI, CIA, DEA, State Department, National Security Council, and NSA) as the likely culprit in a conspiracy in which to blow up Pan Am Flight 103, in a clandestine black operation in which to destroy Libya's nuclear weapon's program.

The article also discusses the role which US Intelligence appears to have played in both orchestrating and benefiting from this tragic disaster; something that upon reflection makes perfect sense -- especially when one considers the US Intelligence community's history of committing murders in order to further their own atrocities.

There truly is no limit to the crimes that US Intel will commit against other countries, or for that matter American citizens, when they serve as a means in which to enable these agencies to propagate their criminal agendas.

During the time in which he was investigating the CIA's own criminality, the late Steve Kangas had once stated that through its covert overthrows of other countries, the CIA alone had been responsible for the murders of nearly six million men, women and children.

Given this, one can only imagine how many murders the entire US Intelligence community has been responsible for since its inception. Kangas, himself, was a likely murder victim of the CIA's, as punishment for promulgating his research on the agency's long criminal history, including that of overthrowing legitimate democratic nations, while installing their own puppet dictators to protect US Intel's interests in what were once flourishing nations.

Read the article on Flight 103 here:

Allan Francovich Murdered For Exposing A US Intel Cover Up?

"In 1994, American filmmaker Allan Francovich completed a documentary, "The Maltese Double Cross", which presents Jaafar as an unwitting bomb carrier with ties to the DEA and the CIA. Showings of the film in Britain were canceled under threat of law suits, venues burglarized or attacked by arsonists. When Channel 4 agreed to show the film, the Scottish Crown Office and the U.S. Embassy in London sent press packs to the media, labeling the film "blatant propaganda" and attacking some of the film's interviewees, including Juval Aviv the head of Interfor.{29}

Aviv paid a price for his report and his outspokenness. Over a period of time, his New York office suffered a series of break-ins, the FBI visited his clients, his polygrapher was harassed, as mentioned above, and a contrived commercial fraud charge was brought against him. Even though Aviv eventually was cleared in court, it was a long, expensive, and painful ordeal.{30}

Francovich also stated that he had learned that five CIA operatives had been sent to London and Cyprus to discredit the film while it was being made, that his office phones were tapped, that staff cars were sabotaged, and that one of his researchers narrowly escaped an attempt to force his vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck.{31}

Government officials examining the Lockerbie bombing went so far as to ask the FBI to investigate the film. The Bureau later issued a highly derogatory opinion of it.{32}

The film's detractors made much of the fact that the film was initially funded jointly by a UK company (two-thirds) and a Libyan government investment arm (one-third). Francovich said that he was fully aware of this and had taken pains to negotiate a guarantee of independence from any interference.

On April 17, 1997, Allan Francovich suddenly died of a heart attack at age 56, upon arrival at Houston Airport.{33} His film has had virtually no showings in the United States."

See Allan Francovich's "The Maltese Doublecross" at the link below. In all likelihood, he was murdered for making this film, which exposed a US Intelligence/British Intelligence conspiracy to attack Libya through the clandestine bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988. A situation in which the FBI was once again complicit in aiding and abetting criminal activity instead of bringing the real terrorists to justice -- those within US/British Intel, who orchestrated this horrific crime in which 283 innocent people were murdered.

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