Thursday, April 17, 2008

United States Human Rights Commission Documentary On The DOJ/FBI Whitewash In The Torture Of Congressman George Hansen & Murder Of Kenneth Trentadue

Congressman George Hansen, a defender of civil liberties, and chief opponent of the US Intelligence community and its abusive treatment of American citizens is repeatedly setup by the US Department Of Justice until he's finally arrested on trumped up charges. He is subjected to a torture known as diesel therapy, and later denied proper medical care which results in permanent physical damage to his body. Years after he was setup and imprisoned by the DOJ on fabricated charges, the Supreme Court overturned his conviction stating that Hanson never should have been arrested in the first place.

The FBI led US Intel attack on Hansen is clearly done as a warning to the members of Congress, to keep their noses out of the US Intelligence community's operations or face a similar attack on their own persons. Perhaps it was for this reason that when given the opportunity reopen the Church Committee Hearings, Congress immediately took the resolution off the table, removing it from consideration.

An ex con by the name of Kenneth Trentadue is arrested and convicted of a minor parole violation, and shortly after being incarcerated, beaten to death by prison guards at the Oklahoma prison where he was taken. The FBI is called in to investigate, but instead helps prison guards to cover up their murder of Trentadue, by allowing the Bureau Of Prisons to investigate itself.

An FBI agent also entrusted with Trentadue's bloody clothes, leaves the clothes in the trunk of his car for nearly two weeks in efforts to destroy any physical evidence which the clothing may yield in regard to those who murdered Trentadue.

Senator Oren Hatch states that he cannot understand why the FBI would allow the Bureau Of Prisons to investigate itself in such a vicious death, when as head law enforcement agency in the United States, such an investigation falls squarely under the FBI's purview.

After further inquiries, Hatch finds that he is being stonewalled by the Department Of Justice, FBI and US Bureau Of Prisons which continue to maintain that Trentadue committed suicide by hanging himself, even though the physical evidence in his death clearly points to his having been murdered by prison guards and later hanged in efforts to make the murder appear to be a suicide.

The cases of both Congressman Hanson and Kenneth Trentadue are indicative of serious corruption within the US Department Of Justice, FBI and US Bureau Of Prisons. Yet most Americans have never heard of either of these men, the torture which both were subjected to, or the criminal whitewash which these government agencies colluded to perpetrate against these men or the American people.

Why not?

See this disturbing documentary here:

*Just as I was going to publish this post, the FEDS cut the power to my home for all of a minute. This is a common practice of theirs and indicative of the egregious ways in which they violate the rights of my Family, self and myriad others targeted for such depraved abuse.; a situation in which several US Intel agencies (in this case the FBI. NSA and DHS) have colluded to deny us our rights under the US Constitution, and a disturbing sign of the abuses of human rights which the entire American proletariat will be subjected to in the future. I have also witnessed how these agencies will use their psychological operations to torment both the elderly and infirm in the most disgusting and despicable display of cruelty that I have ever witnessed.

These agents are mind raping soulless reprobates whose legacy will be one of the most abject cruelty ever documented. May such cruelty be revisited upon those who espouse this filthy Nazi mindset, a million times over. For they are sub human murdering refuse.
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