Monday, April 21, 2008

List Of Intelligence Agencies Around The Globe -- These Are The Real Terrorist Threat To The People On This Planet

With the satellite predation being perpetrated by Intelligence agencies such as the NSA, FBI, CIA and myriad other of their criminal brethren, more Americans should be able to identify who these agencies are.

With the NSA/FBI/DHS vicious attack on my person, I am now making certain that every person on this planet understands how these agencies are using satellite based technologies to illegally track you by tapping into the bio electromagnetic field given off by your respective bodies; while reading and manipulating your thoughts.

I know for certain that I am being subjected to such technology by way of the NSA and FBI, and want to make sure that every person on this planet becomes aware of these satellite predators who masquerade as federal law enforcement. They are not enforcing the rule of Constitutional law -- they are decimating it!

Make no mistake about it -- these agencies are committing outright crimes of predation, including remote forms of "satellite rape," wherein the victims of these depraved crimes are routinely sexually assaulted by way of directed energy weapons.

It is of paramount importance that every person on this planet understands just how vulnerable they are to such an abject loss of their privacy - a situation where their own thoughts can be both stolen from right out of their own minds, as well manipulated, while their rights as citizens are completely disregarded.

Ask yourselves this -- If these agencies were operating legally, why would they need to demonize those whom they are targeting with the public? If these TI's were committing crimes the FEDS could have just moved in and arrested them.

Moreover, why the intensive surveillance to the point where the victims of this surveillance can not even sleep in their own beds or use their own bathrooms without being videotaped? There is no valid reason for such human rights abuses.

And federal agencies who are committing such crimes are a blight on legitimate law enforcement, and an abject perversion of the law, for there's no legitimate criminal investigation occurring in such situations. Such invasive tactics are clearly indicative of a criminal conspiracy being waged by these federal agencies, against those whom they are targeting -- serious crimes being committed under the color and cover of law.

So is there any wonder why these agencies are attacking those whom they have committed such outrageous crimes against so viciously and lawlessly? They are looking to cover up a global conspiracy in which to covertly control the thoughts of the people on this planet through the use of weaponized satellite systems like those of the NSA, and the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska.

Moreover, the mind control research which such TI's are being subjected to goes well beyond that of constitutional rights violations, and crosses into that of egregious human rights violations.

The truth is that these federal agencies are operating illegally, and thus need to demonize and dehumanize those whom they target in such ways, in order to inflame public sentiment in efforts to get away with these outrageous crimes.

A typical Nazi ideology having been adapted by the US Intelligence community for their own nefarious purposes. Any organization (or person) that would use a satellite and supercomputer to illegally access one's thoughts is EVIL.

Learn more about these Intelligence agencies here:
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