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Coping With Families Who've Been Coopted Into Your Harassment/Another In The Myriad Of Heartbreaks Which TI's Suffer Daily

A Precedent Setting Violation Of The 4Th Amendment

As bad as it is to be stalked by groups of deranged people who have been quietly focused on your demonization, the average individual targeted for mind control and organized stalking crimes will tell you that this pales by comparison to those family members who are also coopted into taking part in these horrendous crimes.

Far too often, many TI's will find themselves being harassed by federal agencies like the FBI, whose web of COINTELPRO ensnares their own families, who may then also find themselves being illegally targeted for these Orwellian crimes.

In order to manipulate these family members into attacking one of their own, the FBI and perhaps even the Department Of Homeland Security will use such coercive tactics as getting these family members fired from their jobs, threatening to take their homes and (in the case of retirees) pensions away from them, while ensuring that they are harassed by their neighbors, and subjected to every possible form of community intimidation. This is how these Nazi agencies are able to coopt them into attacking family members (TI's) who are being targeted by agencies like the FBI and NSA for illegal surveillance (as well as organized stalking crimes)and remote forms of mind control research (non consensual human experimentation).

I have personally witnessed such an atrocity in regard to these attacks on my own Family, who will completely deny what they have been put through, or that they have been coopted by the FEDS' in their treasonous psywarfare attacks on myself.

To say that they have been put through a miserable time is an understatement. And to say that they have been coopted into putting me through a miserable time is yet an equal understatement. The FBI and DHS are responsible for this crime against humanity as well as the psychological torture of my beloved Family and self; one which to my dying day I will make these agencies pay for, by exposing their disgusting and vicious tactics, for exactly what they are.

And while my Family will deny the abject horrors that we have been subjected to by these government reprobates, the fact is that these attacks are still taking place daily and have continued to for the past five years. As for the FEDS, they are filthy liars who have violated every rule of law in their attacks on my Family and self, and will continue to do so against myriad Americans until their organizations are abolished.

We are talking about agencies that are using satellites to invade the privacy of our homes and our minds, while using us as unwitting guinea pigs for their own demonic research.

And now that I have exposed these filthy reprobates for exactly what they are, they are waging the most outrageous demonization campaign against my person ever documented; while operating completely outside of the rule of Constitutional law.

This aggressive attack is being done to cover up the FBI/NSA/DHS conspiracy to deny me my rights as an American citizen. A situation which grows worse by the day.

These agents are degenerate sexual predators who utilize spy satellites and super computers to remotely attack those American citizens whom they illegally target, while in the process, raping the 4Th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

They can not and will not be allowed to get away with these egregious crimes against humanity any longer.

As punishment for writing this I am now experiencing a high pitched sound in my skull which momentarily caused a drop in my blood pressure. Others have reported such attacks in which they were knocked unconscious.

Many TI's have also witnessed what they refer to by those family members who are taking part in these attacks, as being brain tapped -- this is to indicate that these people are also being subjected (usually without their knowledge) to an external satellite influence, in which their minds are being implanted with remote commands, which manifest themselves in the ways in which these people use selected types of words, phrases, or even mannerisms, as psychological triggers in which to harm the intended TI's.

It is quite clear from this that the FBI and NSA are quite literally using the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology to pit family members against one another. And given the abject obscenity that these agencies are, they then sit back as they do with the street gangs which they pit against one another, and watch as these situations gradually deteriorate; caring nothing at all for the misery which they are causing their victims.

Typical Nazi Gestapo protocols being perpetrated by US Intelligence agencies. There is absolutely no excuse for such cruelty.

The FBI is also not above doctoring or even outright fabricating evidence which serves its nefarious purposes, while completely omitting exculpatory information which is of benefit to those whom they are attempting to entrap. This is why the TI is never directly confronted by these agencies while this ongoing criminal process is occurring, and instead repeatedly stabbed in the back by these federal miscreants who deny the TI every aspect of both the civil and human rights to which they are by law entitled.

Like many other TI's, I had no difficulties with my neighbors -- we each minded our own business. However, once the FBI decided to attack me, neighbors whom I had known for years (some of whom I had even helped out on many occasions), became hostile towards me, and in fact began taking part in the FEDS' organized stalking campaign against me.

Relationships that were forged over years, were destroyed by the FEDS overnight.

It was the FBI and DHS in particular who intitiated this fiasco, and it's these agencies (as well as the NSA) that must now pay for the extensive damage which they have caused to ALL of us.

This is the type of criminal behavior that one expects to see in an authoritarian country like Spain, Cuba or China -- not the United States -- yet it is happening to millions of Americans whose complaints are being completely ignored by the police, FBI and US Congress.

Just recently the TI community appears to be making some inroads with the US Congress, however given the powerful people who are behind these crimes, I must wonder how long this will continue, before those caring members in Congress are intimidated into ending their contact with TI's simply for their own safety.

As it stands, a lawyer who is presently representing certain members of the TI community may well find that a short way down the road his own business is sabotaged as intimidation for helping victims of organized stalking and mind control crimes.

In virtually every instance in which a TI has attempted to gain legal representation in order to end the mind control and organized stalking harassment that they have experienced, their attorney's have been intimidated into ending contact with these targeted persons.

And there have been more than a few instances in which honest doctors and lawyers who refused to go along with the harassment of a TI, were either harassed themselves or murdered for attempting to do the right thing.

This is yet a further indication that a Nazi influence within the US Federal Government has also infiltrated the US Judicial System (I believe that is the case -- even though there still are honest Judges who remain a threat to this Nazi element and are in fact endangered by it).

I am presently documenting the latest machination of those Nazi's who reside within the US Intelligence community -- satellite predators and mind raping reprobates whose crimes against humanity will in fact be the cause of the next revolution within this country.

I will also document the FEDS' latest ( and what appears to be yet another end run around the United States Constitution) efforts to further trample upon my rights. However, the FBI will find that in doing so, they will only further damage their own credibility (that is what little is left of it), since I have documented the truth in regard to both the attacks by the NSA, FBI and in recent years DHS, as well as their precedent setting violations of both the 4Th and 5Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

More importantly, I have also corroborated the information contained within former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which describes satellite based technologies that are being illegally deployed to both access and manipulate the minds of those persons being targeted for these Orwellian crimes.

There is absolutely no question that these agencies are operating well outside the rule of Constitutional law in their attacks of my person and many others, have used extensive coercion in which to prevent my own Family from acknowledging these crimes, and will now attempt to commit further abuses of my rights by engaging their organized stalking provocateurs (criminals one and all) in some type of civil action in which to further their atrocities.

Exactly how communities who are perpetrating serious crimes against other American citizens plan to use the "law" in which to commit further crimes remains to be seen. In all likelihood, there will be no legitimate laws cited here, simply because these reprobates have already committed so many crimes against my person(crimes which the FBI, NSA and DHS have drawn them into), that for them to stand on the Constitutional rule of law would be a complete joke, as well as an insult to the Constitution and Bill of Rights themselves.

And the fact that this entire situation was catalysed by a criminal FBI agent decades ago, who perpetrated a criminal conspiracy under the color and cover of law, in which to deny me my rights as an American citizen, will only further contaminate this situation in the future.

Such FBI agents belong in a federal prison - not out on the street. Especially when taking into consideration their satellite peeping habits, and a propensity for videotaping American citizens within the privacy of their own homes -- the most offensive behavior by a federal agency ever documented throughout the annuls of the US Intelligence community's history; and proof of the many degenerates who occupy high positions within this Nazi-minded agency.

I will document this situation as it continues to develop, including every sordid detail of what is turning out to be one of the most outrageous conspiracies perpetrated against an American citizen by their own government, in United States History. A situation in which the criminal actions of the FBI and its brethren have only served to ensnare entire communities, in which these agencies have actually initiated criminal behavior by said communities, instead of preventing it.

The exact opposite of what the FBI is supposed to be doing.

And in fact, one must ask since no federal crimes have been committed, exactly what was the FBI doing placing me under surveillance in the first place nearly three decades ago? The FBI has no business investigating anyone who has not committed a federal crime, yet they did so with me.

Of course there is nothing legal or Constitutional going on here. In fact the entire situation is a textbook illustration of what happens when an FBI agent decides to abuse his position in authority, in an attempt to covertly murder a person whom they are looking to settle a score with.

In such a case, there is no rule of law, and the targeted person becomes the victim of satellite predation; something I have experienced for nearly thirty years.

Which is why my "MISSION" is to expose these crimes globally to ensure that at some point in time they are ended. I am also disappointed in some of the so called truth and justice seekers who openly claim that those who are "normal" and "innocent" should be protected from such crimes; while concomitantly indicating that those with mental illness and perhaps even criminal records should be tortured. This is nothing by hypocrisy at its worst. And I would not be surprised that many who espouse such doctrine will also justify the torture of animals for their own consumption, while attacking those who perpetrate such vicious crimes as mind control research and organized stalking against themselves.

Those who would lavish affection on their cat or dog, only to cut into a piece of cow, pig, chicken, fish or any other type of animal flesh for a meal, are hypocrites who either wittingly or otherwise endorse the wholesale torture and slaughter of these animals.

The bottom line is that no living creature should be tortured. And that anyone who would defend the torture of another -- regardless of their rational for doing so -- is both cruel and sick minded. As sick minded as the federal agents who are presently using psychological warfare to torture both my Family and self are.

And these agents must end their torture campaign against us, or they will find themselves under further global scrutiny for such outrageous crimes. What they are doing will not be tolerated, regardless of how extensive their manipulation of the public is. Videotaping people within their own bedrooms and bathrooms? And these FEDS want to be taken seriously as law enforcement?

They have got to be kidding!

Their despicable actions are an absolute obscenity to legitimate law enforcement.

Are Lawyers Bilking TI's?

I am very concerned about the present situation in regard to a group of TI's and the attorney whom they have hired to represent them. I say this because in the past every situation that I am familiar with in which an attorney was contacted by a TI, ended up with the attorney being harassed into giving up their contact with the respective TI -- regardless of how honorable some of these attorneys were.

However in some cases, these attorneys appear to have willfully taken money from TI's knowing full well that they were never going to help them, and in fact acted as provocateurs in which to bleed these TI's of their finances.

And I am now wondering if a group of TI's has been allowed to obtain legal counsel simply to drain their remaining finances, while giving them the impression that they are going to be able to finally obtain the help they desire in ending their harassment, only to ultimately find that they have been setup for yet another let down.

In the past, some TI's have actually reported that they were led on by attorneys who willfully took their money, only to find that months or years down the road, these attorneys had simply used them as cash cows, while never affecting any meaningful changes on behalf of these victims of organized stalking and mind control crimes.

Those government agencies who are taking part in these attacks are that powerful; powerful enough to intimidate anyone, while operating completely outside the rule of Constitutional law. Furthermore, it's frightening just how easily they are able to get away with these crimes.

Moreover, allowing a TI to contact an attorney who then bilks them out of their hard earned cash (while never actually helping them) is an even greater coup for those perpetrating these crimes, than if they prevented the TI from contacting the attorney in the first place, since this contact allows for the draining of their financial reserves -- a primary objective of those who perpetrate these crimes.

However, there are some exceptions.

I remember one TI in particular stating that the attorney she contacted returned her retainer fee, claiming that he had been threatened with the loss of his practice if he continued to represent her. This is the kind of power that these covert Nazi's have. And as much as I would like to believe that the present attorney has the best of intentions in helping a large number of TI's, I have serious doubts that he will follow through with this commitment once those involved in these organized stalking crimes begin to put some pressure on him.

If this is the case who loses out?

The attorney?

No, he walks away with the money he's been paid by the TI community.

It's the TI's themselves who lose out, having sacrificed money which they could ill afford to lose.

As for any attorney who would actually stand up to government sanctioned organized stalking groups, if he refuses to acquiesce to their demands, he risks the loss of his family, business, finances, and quite possibly even his life. In essence, he becomes one of the TI's whom he was looking to defend.

I truly hope that I am mistaken here, and that this attorney will stay the course and help these TI's. However, I have seen far too much evidence of the kind of disruptive influence that those who operate within the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex have. And for as EVIL as they are, they are equally formidable and can put an attorney who threatens their criminal activities out of business just as easily as they put one of our Presidents permanently out of business -- John F. Kennedy.
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