Friday, April 25, 2008

An Interesting Lecture By A Former Government Scientist -- Dr. Bill Deagle

In the following four video's Dr. Deagle discusses some very timely concerns in regard to the New World Order's EVIL plans for the proletariat of this planet, and the interdimensional beings which he believes are responsible for this.

It is also apparent from his lecture, that he is familiar with the research of Dr. Zecharia Sitchin, as he refers to the return of Nibiru (the 12Th planet of our solar system which Sitchen learned of after translating ancient Sumerian tablets) as it passes through our solar system on its lengthy rotation, possibly causing a cataclysmic event.

There has been speculation that such a cataclysmic event may occur in 2012; a devastating and anomalous occurrence which may be the end of planet Earth as we know it. One must wonder if it will be Nibiru's trek through our solar system that will be the cause of this disaster; something similar to what Sitchen had written about when Nibiru was reported to have struck the planet Tiamet, which according to Sitchen, was fragmented into several parts including what would become the asteroid belt which presently exists between Pluto and Jupiter (what Sitchen claimed the Sumerian gods referred to as Heaven), as well as the Earth and its satellite moon. A situation which Dr. Sitchin claims occurred nearly half a million years ago.

This is a fascinating lecture which also discusses the New World Order's designs on our planet, underground bases around this country which are being used for questionable means, as well as the use of RFID chips which are to be implanted in all humans for a myriad of purposes, not the least of which is for the purpose of satellite tracking each person -- something which is presently being done by means of NSA satellites and super computers which are used to tap into the bio electromagnetic fields which surround our bodies, in order to utilize these fields as a tracking device.

Dr. Deagle also mentions the work of Seymour Cray (Cray Computer), who built the fastest computer in the world (at least of the ones we know of), only to be killed in a bizarre traffic accident in which his Jeep lost control and rolled over for no apparent reason.

Deagle appeared to be believe that Cray may have been murdered. I also believe that this is the case and wrote a piece about the mystery surrounding his death, sometime back. I believe that Seymour Cray was in fact murdered by the US Intelligence community for his knowledge of computers which he may have secretly designed for them, which went well beyond that of the most powerful computer he'd been known to design. The US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex often murders brilliant scientists and others who work for them, when it's deemed that they are no longer necessary.

There are many who will see Dr. Deagle as a disinfo artist, who has been allowed to promulgate his information to the general public. And of course it's possible that he is. However, the same thing was said of other former government employees including M. William Cooper and Phil Schneider, both of whom went on lecturing tours speaking about the ET agenda, underground bases within the United States, and a host of other information that if true puts the US Federal Government in an extremely bad light. Both Schneider and Cooper were covertly murdered for their efforts.

If Dr. Deagle is telling the truth, he faces the same situation in the future. Let's hope he's more fortunate.

In the following videos he shares some provocative thoughts with his audience, many of which appear to be completely plausible. However, let your own common sense be your guide.

I've often thought given how convincing many of these people are (often leaving their audiences wide eyed in near disbelief) that it would be quite the coup if they were in fact circulating such outlandish claims as a part of the government's disinformation campaign. And there is no doubt that many of them are. However, that is not to say that there are not former government employees who are documenting truthful encounters which are to say the least very disturbing.

The bottom line is that the US Federal Government would not go to the trouble and expense of propagating massive amounts of disinformation -- especially as it applies to the topic of UFO's and EBE's -- unless there was some truth that they were looking to keep from the public.

Also take into consideration that when agencies like the FBI are involved in such cover ups, they can fabricate information, and quite literally intimidate people into lying about a situation in which these agents are guilty of some very serious crimes; which only serves to make the situation even more nebulous. The US Intelligence community has relied on such confusion and dirty tactics to remain viable. And one must never forget that the lexicon of these agencies has always involved pathological deception, psychological warfare, torture, and murder.

Also remember that if you have accurate information about their criminality as it applies to you (especially if you have been used for non consensual experimentation), there is no end to what these federal agencies will do to destroy you; and if necessary those around you. And the more vicious their tactics, the more they are trying to hide from the public.

As for the crime of satellite raping the human mind, there is no question that it is happening on a very large scale, and that it's the greatest crime against humanity ever documented. And for this, agencies like the NSA and FBI have become anathema to the human race. As for their sense of fair play, their idea of such a notion would be to shoot a moth with a howitzer.

After all, we are talking about federal agencies here that will actually attempt to justify the most outrageous violations of human rights, including consistent spying of American citizens within the privacy of their own homes for 20 to 30 consecutive years. To put it quite it frankly, these agents are completely insane and a very real danger to the society which they are "supposedly" protecting.

The truth of the matter is that many of the Nazi type crimes that these agencies are committing in the present day, were punished by death at the Nuremburg Trials after World War II. Which will give you an idea of just how terrible the US Intelligence community has become regarding its abject violations of human rights.

Ironically enough, if these agents suddenly found themselves being abused in the ways in which they had been attacking others, they would find the need to form their own groups for protection, and the exposition of these crimes. Which once again, is indicative of just how terrible their crimes are.

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