Thursday, May 01, 2008

Several Americans Who Have Been Found NOT GUILTY Of Tax Evasion Charges -- And One Who Has -- This Makes No Sense At All

Former IRS agent Joe Banister, Vernice Kuglin, Lloyd Long, Tom Cryer, Franklin Sanders, and Whitey Harrell were all found not guilty of tax evasion, when their juries could find no law which authorized the IRS to impose a tax on the wages of the American worker. In total more than 25 Americans have been exonerated on such charges, while myriad others have been and continue to be wrongfully convicted of the same charges.

Recently former IRS agent and tax protester Sherry Jackson was convicted of tax evasion and now awaits sentencing. The following Website discusses her case, and offers advice in regard to what you can do to help Sherry. There is a form letter which you can improvise on, in which to ask the presiding Judge in Mrs.Jackson's case to show her leniency. The truth of the matter is that Sherry Jackson has committed no crime, since there is no law which authorizes her to pay a tax on her income.

Whether you choose to help Sherry or not, the fact is that she is innocent, and should not have to spend one second in a federal prison. She was smart enough to realize that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are operating illegally, and fought to expose the fact that they have been stealing trillions of dollars from the American people in a federal income tax swindle, since 1913. And now she is paying for being HONEST, while these privately held corporations, as well as the US Congress, continue to LIE to the American people.

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