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July 12Th, 2008 Promises To Be An Extremely Interesting One As Congressman Ron Paul & His American Crusaders March On Washington

Dr. Ron Paul's March On Washington is scheduled to take place on July 12Th, 2008. This march has been planned for quite sometime and promises to be one of the most important political events in US History; a gathering in which to awaken the American people regarding the fact that their government has been overrun by a Nazi influence that has suspended the United States Constitution.

There are many of us who've experienced what this Nazi filth is getting away with, first hand. So it's incumbent upon us to support Dr. Paul, since he is the only US Politician who has told the truth about the criminal syndicate which Americans refer to as the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank -- two privately held corporations, whom together with the US Congress have colluded in outright treason, by defrauding the American people out of trillions of their hard earned dollars over the past 95 years, through the use of a Communist graduated system of taxation which is both illegal and unconstitutional.

Read more about what Dr. Paul and his supporters are planning here:

Ron Paul is taking a great risk in protesting in Washington during a presidential election year -- especially when one considers that his information puts the US Congress and its criminal protege organizations - the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank under some very unfavorable scrutiny. The real question which I have been pondering is: is Ron's life now in danger? Would agencies like the FBI and CIA collude to covertly murder him in efforts to intimidate 9-11 Truther's as well as the tax protest movement?

I think that the answer to the above question depends on whether or not these agencies believe that they can plausibly get away with such a murder. And if they are considering rolling the dice, I can't think of a better way to save Ron Paul's life, than to propagate this information, in which to put these agencies under the spotlight.

Such an attack on Dr. Paul would have to be made to appear as something which was done randomly. The most likely way in which to bring about such an attack? For US Intel to include some of their own people at this peaceful protest, who will act out in some way which gives the Washington police the excuse to begin arresting people -- the possibility of them also using brutal force must also be considered here.

The FEDS have perpetrated such furtive operations in the past, in order to prematurely end protests which questioned various aspects of the US Federal Government's policies.

I respect Ron Paul very much and worry about his safety (as well as those of other Americans who seek to restore the constitutional republic which this country once was). And the last thing that I would want to see happen is for some Leon Lemnitzer type of lunatic within the US Intel fringe design a plan in which to harm Dr. Paul or his fellow patriots.

We need a Congress full of Ron Pauls. That is the only way that the American people can save this country.

So for the time being let's just try to keep Ron and his supporters safe, while they propagate some truths that the US Federal Government has been hiding from Americans for the past Century. If Ron and his flock can get this message out, perhaps he will eventually help those of us who've been targeted for covert forms of non consensual experimentation, to expose what these agencies have been covertly subjecting us to for many years.

Then those who are presently attacking us will be forced to face us, unlike in the present day, where these satellite raping miscreants commit these atrocities behind our backs. FBI, NSA and DHS are you listening? Of course you are. I often wonder how many millions of dollars you have spent over the past five years alone in your smear campaign against me, in efforts to cover up the outrageous crimes that you've perpetrated against me? Satellite tracking for the past 28 years while remote neural monitoring my person through the use of computer to brain link, in what is turning out to be the most precedent setting violation of the 4Th Amendment in US History.

The American people must learn of your Nazi crimes, in which you have covertly attacked many of us by way of NSA super computer driven satellites, in which to use us for remote forms of mind control research -- something which you have subjugated me to in this Orwellian hell for nearly three decades!

You are deceiving the public in regard to this non consensual human experimentation, and it is now only a matter of time before they not only learn about it, but also how the unique bio electromagnetic fields which surround their own bodies makes them vulnerable to the same types of horrific violations of their physical privacy (as well as the privacy of their minds) that I have experienced for decades. There are now many other Americans coming forward with similar information, and we are not going away!

Google: Akwei VS NSA is becoming a well known catch phrase in regard to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents this technology and its inhumane and unconstitutional uses in great detail; including how the NSA can remotely read and manipulate people's minds by way of satellites. And there will come a time where all Americans will recognize exactly what the NSA really is, and that its very existence threatens their future.

So is it any wonder why you and your constitution raping brethren have been reduced to your COINTELPRO mudslinging campaign against my person and anyone who is documenting this technology?

In your rape of the 4Th Amendment, Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention, you have sent a clear message to all of the people on this planet -- that you will continue to espouse your Nazi ideals, until like the late Adolph Hitler, you are prevented from doing so.


Keep Ron Paul and his supporters safe on July 12Th -- safe from the likes of these covert Nazi's who are looking to enslave the American proletariat:
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