Saturday, May 03, 2008

Excellent Website Entitled "Right To Privacy" -- The Only Way In Which To Defeat The New World Order Is Through Education

The following Website has links to many useful topics in regard to your rights to privacy as American citizens, including how to use the Freedom Of Information Act to do your own research into privacy issues (as well as many others).

A well educated American who understands what their rights are under the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights is something which the Illuminati and its New World Order fear. George W. Bush, a representative of the New World Order, is depending on your ignorance so that he can continue to rape the US Constitution and the American people.

He's been doing it from the first day that he took office (illegally -- since in the 2000 presidential campaign there was voter fraud in Florida; the state which Bush's brother Jeb just happens to be the governor of -- there was also voter fraud in the State of Ohio in the 2004 election). Moreover, Bush has recently asked the US Congress for another 70 Billion dollars to continue the New World Order's war for oil in Iraq. George W. Bush is using your money to pay for the NWO's war for oil.

Have you benefited from this at all? No. Gas and oil prices are reaching new highs in this country, which means that the oil companies are quietly profiting from both Iraq, and the premiums which you are now being charged to run your automobiles and heat your homes.

When it comes to the New World Order's plans for a one world global police state, an ignorant American has become a dangerous American. Especially when you consider that agencies like the NSA, FBI and DHS are using their satellites to spy on you within the privacy of your own homes, without your knowledge or consent.

Websites like the following one can help to change that:

These disciples of Hitler (quite literally given that Nazi's smuggled into this country during Operation Paperclip were responsible for building the CIA and NSA) have no regard for you, the US Constitution, or the freedoms which this country promises to all of its citizens. Which is why these agencies must eventually be dissolved.

More information on how to file an FOIA request:
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