Sunday, May 04, 2008

Are The Stalkers Now Firing Pellets At My Family's Home?

* Note that the FEDS or their provocateurs regularly hack into this blogger account to tamper with it -- including taking words which were properly spelled and deliberately mispelling them, or removing the space between two words so that the center of the two words spells out a "theme" word; one which they have been using as a psychological trigger in the vast psychological operation which they have been conducting on my person for years now. I have documented this before, and again do so to illustrate the intricate details which these federal psychopaths and their satanic minions concentrate on in efforts to drive the person(s) whom they target to suicide -- all done with a military precision.

Earlier today:

A brief while ago as I was reading an article, a car passed my home and I heard what sounded like a bee bee or pellet whizzing through the air, and then a second or so later a cracking sound as whatever it was, hit another object. I have read of other TI's reporting such incidents, however this is the first time in which I have noticed the possible use of a gun by these psychopaths in their attacks of my person.

The readers should also keep in mind that several family automobiles have been crashed into by the FEDS or their provocateurs on at least four occasions, and that I've avoided having been crashed into by drivers who had looked to run me off the road at least three times -- one of whom turned out to be a retired police detective who was taking part in this harassment of my person somewhere around 1989 to 1990. Long before I had any idea that the FEDS were targeting me for COINTELPRO. In 2005 my motorcycle was hit by one of these reprobates who was driving a dark colored Ford Taurus sedan. It was this blatant assault with a deadly weapon which motivated me to begin journaling about this harassment on the Internet.

Once again, I am very cognisant of the FEDS' intention to draw me into a physical confrontation with these perp's, so that they can claim that I initiated it. However, there is no chance of my allowing these sickos to get away with this. And as far as I am concerned, TI's would be a lot better off if these psychopaths shot each other.

And I do mean psychopaths, since these people are being reduced to killing machines. I have even seen some of the nicest people degenerate into completely atypical sociopathic behavior, in which their actions have become unconscionable. And by this I mean that their intention is to drive those of us whom they are attacking to suicide, which is nothing less than a plausible means in which to commit murder.

However, these attacks and the ways in which they are being orchestrated do give me the opportunity to document how these federal agencies utilize their psychological operations in efforts to destroy the minds of those whom they target.

And my intention here is to bring about the complete abolition of all Intel agencies around the globe, since they are inherently evil, and responsible for the tortures and murders of millions of people throughout their long and checkered histories.

While I have no way of knowing if one of these perp's has actually shot at my home, I will continue to document what appears to be the latest tactic by this incarnated evil, that I refer to as government sanctioned organized stalkers -- a societal disease. A situation in which even innocent children are being indoctrinated by their sick parents into taking part in these crimes. If ever there was a textbook case of communal brainwashing, I am witnessing this within my own community -- a situation propagated by the Nazi run US Intelligence community.
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