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Psychological Operations & Triggers -- Words, Phrases, Objects -- Used Repeatedly To Destroy The Psyches Of Mind Control Targets -- US Intel Secrets

Red, blue, green, black, orange, yellow, purple, grey, tan, copper, silver, bronze, book, banana, truck, box, edge, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 -- what do all of the aforementioned have in common, apart from their usual meanings?

That each can be used to condition a target of mind control, so that the word, number, object, smell etc., can then be used as a trigger in which to cause the targeted person psychological harm.

To the mind control target, who quite literally runs a gauntlet of such triggers every day of their lives, perpetrated by sadistic and psychopathic miscreants like those who operate within the FBI (fascist bastards incorporated) or the NSA (Nazis subverting America), such triggers are not only common, but also expanded on a regular basis, with the intention of conditioning the TI to associate virtually everything that they see, hear, smell, and even touch (such as towels) to become psychologically debilitating. Only organizations borne of pure EVIL would ever devise such macabre operations. Nazi's, whose history of such abject cruelty is well documented.

The only way in which to avoid becoming conditioned to such triggers is to understand that these triggers are nothing more than just that - something which in most cases is completely benign, and must be seen that way by the TI.

The TI must also understand that the malignancy is those persons who attempt to subject any TI to such a poisoning of their minds. This is not a situation in which there is safety in numbers. This is case in which only the individual can understand what they are being subjected to, and deal accordingly with the situation.

And for those who have been targeted for these crimes for months, years, or even decades, it becomes quite obvious that the only way in which to defeat those who torture and attempt to murder us, is to document what they are subjecting us to, and then expose these crimes globally, before these reprobates (FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS & their provocateurs) can actually murder us.

The rule of constitutional law within the United States is dead, which is why if Americans don't begin to understand this, they will eventually find themselves being enslaved by the same federal criminals who are now torturing those of us who have been subjected to years of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes.

Our rights are being routinely and egregiously violated by a group of Nazi thugs who are hiding behind their badges in order to commit their crimes against us. And there is nothing that says that we have to accept being targeted by these low life miscreants - high tech satellite predators on the government's payroll who are using directed energy weapons to both physically and mentally rape, men, women and children. This is why John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA has never been heard, and most likely why former NSA agent Russ Tice was prevented by the FBI from testifying in regard to the crimes that he witnessed occurring at the NSA.

It is also the reason why those of us who have been illegally targeted for non consensual human experimentation by the NSA, are being ignored by the US Congress, police and media. They simply refuse to get involved in situations in which classified technology is being used by federal government agencies, to experiment upon, torture, and murder American citizens.

So these horrific tortures and murders continue, while our government officials either take part directly in them, or aid and abet those within the US Intelligence community who are covertly attempting to murder us.

To say that those who are perpetrating these crimes are evil is an understatement.


Speaking Of Gaslighting Tactics...

To: John F. and Monica S.

You're being manipulated by these federal agencies (FBI, NSA and DHS -- or their agents provocateurs) and taken away from your goal of exposing mind control and organized stalking crimes.

As such your E-mail addresses will now be added to the auto delete list so that they will be deleted without my having ever seen them. And unless you care to identify by name those federal agents who are demonizing me over the Internet (a serious crime in and of itself), I ask that you do not waste my valuable time on such foolishness.

Moreover, given the FEDS' utilization of your message boards for the purpose of gas lighting, the quality of many of your posts has dropped dramatically. Are you really foolish enough to allow these lying law breaking degenerate thugs to continue to manipulate you and your own message boards for their own means? You have been doing it for at least a year.

And do you really think that I am foolish enough to waste my time with people who are perpetrating the same crimes that they are complaining about? You now have more perp's posting on your message boards than you do legitimate TI's!

Your time is being wasted.

And for the record, I don't give a damn about the gas lighting tactics that are being used on your boards -- as you can see in the earlier portion of this post and the prior one, they have only supplied me with more to write about, since the objective here is to teach the public how to recognize these psychological operations tactics, so that they can better protect themselves from these Constitution raping thugs.

As I have said in the past, the FEDS are playing you people like a Stradivarius, and you should tell them that if they are going to waste your time, to at least go after those who are perpetrating these organized stalking crimes against your persons.

After all, that's what they are paid to do isn't it?

As for their attacks on my person, they have broken the law, violated my rights, and I am fully set to fight the death to take back what these reprobates have attempted to deny me.

You should be as determined as I am to enforce your rights.

However, in spite of your hypocritical behavior, I am still most sympathetic to what you are being put through, and will support your organization in any way that I can; although I will no longer allow the FEDS to utilize you as helpless pawns in their insidious and pathetic COINTELPRO attacks on my person - something which they have been doing for well over a year now. I have removed innocent people whom the FEDS have utilized in their attacks on my person a myriad of times in the past, and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Especially when considering that the FEDS control you through a stream of steady and oftentimes fabricated information, while obfuscating many pertinent facts which would serve in an exculpatory capacity. In short, these Federal PUNKS are making complete fools out of you, and misdirecting your attention and energies away from where they should be focused.

Don't let these filthy Nazi's get away with it. It would be prudent for you to start concentrating on the crimes of the Intelligence community globally, beginning with the United States and moving on to your own Nazi driven agencies. As you should have realized by now, this is going to be a fight to the death with these reprobates, since the rule of constitutional law within our countries has now been all but completely undermined. So stop wasting your time getting jerked around by these federal bullshit artists, and start working towards liberating yourselves from this infernal hell that you have been subjugated to.

Also consider this -- If the FEDS were operating legally, there'd certainly be no reason for them to have contacted you on my behalf. Especially since you aren't even Americans. And there is certainly no reason for them to use coercion to intimidate my family members by threatening to take their homes away, getting them fired from their jobs, or using any other form of the COINTELPRO style tactics which they are using.

These are criminal thugs we are talking about here, who are masquerading as law enforcement. Mind raping garbage that is illegally spying on us within the privacy of our own homes, and getting away with the most abject violations of the US Constitution.

And they are going to continue their Nazi style protocols until the day that these PIGS are shut down for good -- So as far as these federal agencies are concerned -- Feck 'Em.

Best regards,
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