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Another Sign Of A Diseased Society & Racial Hatred -- Racism Is Not Just A Black And White Issue -- It Effects All Ethnicities

West Virginia Woman Speaks About Torture
Black Woman Tortured By Six White Men And Women Urges Filing Of Hate-Crime Charges
CHARLESTON, W.Va., Oct. 23, 2007

(AP) Megan Williams thought she was going to a party.

That's why she tagged along with a woman she hardly knew, up a remote southern West Virginia hollow to a run-down trailer surrounded by beer cans and broken-down furniture.

"But there wasn't no party," Williams said. "I realized I'd made a bad mistake."

For at least a week, authorities say, the 20-year-old black woman was kept captive in a shed, tortured, beaten, forced to eat rat, dog and human feces, and raped by six white men and women who taunted her with racial slurs.

"They just kept saying 'This is what we do to niggers down here,'" Williams told The Associated Press in one of her most extensive interviews since the shocking case made national headlines last month.

Seated in a rocking chair in her mother's living room, about 50 miles from that shed, the slight woman with cocoa-colored skin says she was hopelessly outnumbered by people who just wanted to hurt a black person.

"I just hope they fry for what they did to me. That's really all I got to say," she said. "I hope they fry."

West Virginia does not have a death penalty, but the six suspects could spend the rest of their lives in prison if convicted of rape and kidnapping charges.

Still, Williams and her family want more. They want the case prosecuted as a hate crime, something authorities have so far stopped short of doing.

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Five Blacks Indicted In The Vicious Murder Of A White Couple

In a hate crime equally horrific to that of what Megan Williams was subjected to, four black men were charged with the vicious murders of a young white couple, Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

Released documents reveal new details of Christian, Newsom murder investigation
By Katie Allison Granju

Just-released legal documents requesting search warrants are offering new details into the investigation of the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

The bodies of the young Knoxville couple were found separately last week. Four men, Lemaricus Davidson, Latalvus Cobbins, George Thomas and Eric Boyd, have been taken into custody as part of the investigation.

One affidavit released Tuesday sought permission for police to search the house rented by Lemaricus Davidson at 2316 Chipman Street, where Channon Christian's body was eventually found.

In the document, Officer Todd Childress describes finding Chris Newsom's body "near the railroad track behind 1701 Whittle Springs between Cherry Street and Ninth Ave."

Childress says Newsom's body was wrapped in a "sheet and/or comforter," and that the victim had been shot at least three times. He also notes that Newsom's shoes, socks, identification, and iPod were missing. His body had been burned.

Childress says Channon Christian's Toyota 4-Runner was located after her father, Gary Christian, contacted the family's cell phone provider. The cell phone company then determined where the closest cell tower was located, and thus, were able to find Christian's car.

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From Wikipedia:

Suspects and indictments in the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

The five indicted were:

George Geovonni "Detroit" Thomas, 27, faces a total of 46 charges. Thomas was indicted on 16 counts of felony murder growing out of the rape, robbery, kidnapping, and theft of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts of premeditated murder, 2 counts of especially aggravated robbery, 4 counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, 20 counts of aggravated rape, and 2 counts of theft.

Lemaricus Devall "Slim" Davidson, 25, (b. June 13, 1981) faces the same 46 charges as Thomas. Davidson had also completed serving a five-year sentence in Tennessee on a previous felony conviction for carjacking and aggravated robbery on August 5, 2006.

Letalvis "Rome" Cobbins, 24, (b. December 20, 1982) also faces the same 46 charges as Thomas. In 2003, Cobbins was convicted of third-degree attempted robbery in New York state. He and Davidson are brothers.

Vanessa Coleman, 18, was arrested by police in Lebanon, Kentucky. She faces 40 Tennessee state charges. Coleman was indicted on 12 counts of felony murder growing out of the rape, robbery, kidnapping, and theft of Christian and Newsom, 1 count of premeditated murder (of Christian only), 1 count of especially aggravated robbery (of Newsom only), 4 counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, 20 counts of aggravated rape, and 2 counts of theft.

In each indictment, the large number of rape counts were included to provide a range of options for prosecutors, not to reflect the number of rapes which actually occurred.[25]

Further, Eric DeWayne "E" Boyd, 34, was arrested in connection with the fatal carjacking, though not indicted by the Knox County grand jury. Still, Boyd was charged in federal court as an accessory after the fact for helping the suspects evade the police. Later, Boyd was also accused by Thomas and Cobbins of rape and murder, and a search warrant was obtained for his DNA.[26] The accusations did not result in charges.[27]
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