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Is There An FBI Agent Named Chris Saviano? Or Has There Ever Been One? And If So, Has He Assaulted This Man's Wife?

The following photo was displayed on the Flicker Website, by a man who is asking that an FBI Agent by the name of Chris Saviano stop raping his wife. Ordinarily, anyone who has not witnessed some of the atrocities that the FBI covertly perpetrates would probably call the men with the white coats for this man.

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However, he has mentioned a specific agent on his protest sign, and one must wonder if this agent, whom the protester lists as one FBI Special Agent Chris Saviano, is in fact guilty of the allegations which he has made.

If this is the case, is his wife an actual *victim of this agent, or perhaps a victim of directed energy weapons, who's been assaulted by someone using this technology and this person's name? Many TI's who've been sexually assaulted by way of satellite based directed energy weapons have stated that those perpetrating these crimes do taunt their victims and at times even introduce themselves - even if they do give aliases when doing so.

* I found the following Website which goes into some details, including a statement by the man in the photograph (Farhad Khoiee-abbasi), that FBI agent Chris Saviano is responsible for a bitter divorce between Farhad Khoiee-abbasi and his wife, and that his wife is being used by Saviano in a sex slave trafficking ring. In the past this information would have surprised me. However, in the present day, knowing what I know about the FBI, nothing surprises me about its agents or the depraved and nefarious ways in which they operate -- most of them are incarnated evil.

However, if this Chris Saviano has actually raped this man's wife (or used her as a sex slave -- a whistle blower by the name of Charles Schlund reported that a US Intel agent used his wife in such a way while destroying her relationship with him, as revenge for filing a lawsuit against George W. Bush), then it's highly unlikely that the FBI would ever do anything about it. As it stands, victims of directed energy weapons are completely ignored by the FBI, so why would it get involved in helping anyone who has made specific claims against one of its own agents? The truth is that the FBI is an abjectly criminal organization and always has been.

The Bureau also has a history of denying American citizen's their rights, by preventing them from exercising their Constitutional right to defend themselves. Put simply, the FBI doesn't want any challenges made to its Nazi dictates, and uses its COINTELPRO operations in which to destroy people's lives while denying them their right to due process of law. This is not what occurs in a legitimate constitutional republic -- it is the type of government sanctioned crime which takes place in an authoritarian country. Yet the FBI has been perpetrating these types of crimes for the past Century.

A few years ago, a man who identified himself as a former CIA operative (and who was familiar with my allegations against the FBI) told me that he considered the FBI to be the most dangerous criminal organization in the United States.

The FBI's in the business of covering up crimes perpetrated by its agents, and even punishing FBI agents who attempt to expose the crimes of other agents or the Bureau itself. The FBI has even orchestrated the murders of some of these agents, including former FBI agent John O'Neill, whom the FBI made certain was in the World Trade Center on the day of 9-11, so that he would be murdered.

Another illustration of how the FBI covers up its own crimes can be seen in the case of the late Margie Schoedinger. A Texas woman who contacted the FBI to report that she had been repeatedly drugged and gang raped by George W. Bush and several FBI agents, only to have her pleas for help completely ignored by the FBI.

Who the hell would ever make up such a wild allegation knowing that they would never be believed? No one. Margie Schoedinger was telling the truth about Bush and the FBI which is why she was murdered nine months after filing a $50 million dollar lawsuit against Bush - shot in the head execution style. Yet in typical fashion, her death was ruled a suicide. No one helped Margie, because like government targets of mind control and organized stalking crimes, there was a conspiracy present. In this instance, the conspiracy was between George W. Bush, the FBI, Secret Secret Service and others, to silence Margie -- which they did in 2002.

And even the Sugarland, Texas Police Department would not come to her aid. When reporter Jackson Thoreau inquired if Ms. Schoedinger had ever filed a complaint with the Sugarland PD, they quickly denied it, even though Thoreau was able to find her complaint at the local court house.

And while I have no way of knowing if Farhad Khoiee-abbasi is telling the truth in regard this Chris Saviano or not, I would have to say given my own experiences with the level of corruption within this agency, that I think he is telling the truth.

And the best that I can do for him, is to propagate his information here, as anyone else who learns of his and his wife's plight should do on their own Websites, message boards, and Independent Media Center Websites. (However, don't be surprised if the IMC's take your posts down, since they buckle very easily under the pressure of the FBI and DHS. Something I have witnessed first hand. These agencies don't want the public learning of the terrible crimes which they are committing, or their own Nazi ideology.)

Farhad Khoiee-abbasi's blank expression in the above photo is almost one of disbelief. But disbelief in regard to what? That his wife could be attacked so viciously by one of the very agents who is charged with protecting the public, or that the FBI may have refused to take actions against this agent? If so it won't be the first time that this has happened with the Bureau.

One thing is for certain. Since the Patriot Act was passed, there are a surprising number of people taking to the Internet to complain about being abused by the FBI and other federal government agencies, stating that nothing they do has prevented the Bureau from perpetrating its crimes against them; regardless of how outrageous the FBI's violations of their inherent rights are. Perhaps the man in the photo is like those of us who've taken to the Internet, who've become so outraged at these abuses of our inherent rights, by this Nazi shadow government, that we are now taking matters into our own hands, by invoking our 1St Amendment right to freedom of speech.

What else are you supposed to do when you have federal agencies that are videotaping you within the privacy of your own bathrooms, and using satellite mediated computer to brain link technology to help themselves to your thoughts at anytime they want? These are Nazi's who're using these covert methods of attacks on us. Nazi's who're masquerading as legitimate law enforcement. And they have become the Hidden EVIL within the US Federal Government.

At least we're operating legally; the FEDS through their use of that expensive Nazi toilet paper which we refer to as the Patriot Act, clearly are not. And they are using every dirty trick in the book to get away with these crimes, including the most outrageous accounts of illegal spying ever documented in this country's history.

A situation so terrible, that these agents know that they can never prosecute those whom they have committed such blatant crimes against, so they instead resort to their use of psychological warfare and the demonizing of those persons whom they have attacked, in which to drive us to suicide. In doing so, these federal agents have become the lowest form of life on this planet. Cold blooded murderers -- a form of subhuman refuse whose inherent evil has damaged both the body politic of this country as well as the American people themselves.

This photo was also listed on the Chicagoist Website.

From the Chicagoist:

"cagoist has been seeing this man all over Flickr and has been getting emails asking us who he is. Our answer: "We dunno." Does anyone know what he's doing in the Loop with this sign? Chaseism, who took this photo and was kind enough to share it with Chicagoist, says the guy "just stands there emotionless. Hardly any movement, no verbal conversation, very odd." juggernautco reports that on the sign there is a specific FBI agent's name. Has anyone been up close enough to get the name? On this shot it looks like his name is Chris something. Oh, here: Chris Saviano? Help!"

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