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Why Those Around Mind Control Targets Are Brainwashed Into Denying That We Are Being Subjected To Remote Forms Of Mind Control Research

"No matter how paranoid you are, what they're actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine."


The capacity of the U.S. intelligence services to modify human perception and behaviour through chemical means is enormous, given their vast resources and intimate connections with drug trafficking (see DEALING IN DEATH: The CIA and the Drugs Trade). In fact it was the CIA who introduced LSD to the U.S. population in the late 1950s, while testing its potential as a "truth serum" in universities.

However, there are many other disquieting methods of thought control currently being explored by covert security agencies in the West.

Despite protestations by the CIA to the contrary, clandestine research into all areas of mind control and manipulation is one of their largest fields of development, and involves not only the CIA but various sinister organisations and research laboratories working on behalf of the intelligence services.

Much of what follows uses information that has only recently been declassified under Freedom of Information Act appeals filed three years previously....


The work of various groups and individuals employed by the CIA to research mind control through the use of drugs, mirrors the notorious experiments by Nazi doctors at Dachau, who used mescaline as a means of eliminating their victims' will to resist interrogation. After World War II, a number of Nazi chemical warfare specialists went to work for the American secret services. These scientists included Karl Tauboeck, whose attempts to find a reliable "truth serum" for the CIA involved ruthless human experimentation. Karl Rarh and Hans Turit also continued their wartime experimentation with the nerve gases Tabun and Sarin (which are closely related to the Zyklon B gas used in the Nazi concentration camps) and other chemicals for the CIA.

In the early 1950s, the CIA embarked on a series of mind-control and drug experiments on unwitting American and Canadian victims. Project BLUEBIRD was established in 1950 to research mind control for the CIA. The Agency contacted academics and other experts who specialised in behaviour modification. Liaison was established with the research sections of police departments and criminology laboratories. Medical practitioners, professional hypnotists arid psychiatrists were brought In as paid consultants, and various branches of the military provided assistance. Often, these arrangements involved a cover to conceal the Agency's interest in the subject.

A memo, dated July 13th 1951, described BLUEBIRD's efforts as "broad and comprehensive, involving both domestic and overseas activities, and taking into consideration the programmes and objectives of other departments, principally the military services." BLUEBIRD's activities were "designed to create an exploitable alteration of personality in selected individuals". Specific targets included "potential agents, defectors, refugees, POWs" and a vague category of "others." The programme was re-christened ARTICHOKE in 1951.

When the CIA had difficulties finding the ideal truth drug, agents were sent out around the world to gather samples of rare herbs and botanicals. One cocaine derivative, procaine, was injected into the frontal lobes of the brain via trephine holes drilled through the skulls of mental patients. However, repeated failure of cocaine and its derivatives led the Agency to look into heroin as a possible mind control drug. According to a CIA document dated April 26th 1952, heroin was "frequently used by police and intelligence officers on a routine basis in interrogation." CIA operatives determined that heroin and other habit-forming substances "can be useful in reverse because of the stress produced when they are withdrawn from those who are addicted to their use."

The name of the programme was changed again in 1953 to MKULTRA, which primarily focused on the covert study of the hallucinogenic drug lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) for military or intelligence purposes as either a weapon or a tool for brainwashing.

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