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The 13Th Amendment is Missing From The U.S. Constitution Because It Prohibits Lawyers From Serving In Government

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    Editor's Note: Given the myriad of lawyers presently serving as U.S. Politicians, is it any wonder why they've ditched the 13Th Amendment? Moreover, the 13Th Amendment clearly identified the fact that no political official in the United States can use a title of British nobility.

    Specifically, the head of the United States can not refer to himself as the King.

    Nor can any person serving within the U.S. Federal Government use a title of nobility. The British Monarchy's classist attitude towards the United States offers further proof that the United States never won the Revolutionary War as we have been told, but instead made numerous concessions to the British Empire to get their soldiers to leave America.

    In fact, from the moment that the British troops left America, the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschild became obsessed with taking control of our economy, out of fear that our open door policy would attract the most brilliant people from around the world, and that America would eventually become so prosperous that it would threaten the survival of every monarchy on the planet.

    So the House of Rothschild colluded with the British Monarchy to establish one of the Rothschilds' Communistic central banks in the United States for the express purpose of taking control of the American economy and of infiltrating our government so that it would serve the British Monarchy.

    The first two U.S. central banks of the Rothschilds failed. However, the third Rothschild central bank, the Federal Reserve System, has flourished as the centerpiece for the Rothschilds' criminal empire in the United States.

    Moreover, in 1871 the Rothschilds used the U.S. Congress to pass the Legislative Act of 1871.

    The Legislative Act of 1871 was used to turn the United States into a corporation, which the Rothschilds would control through the new corporate government in Washington D.C.. In doing so, each American citizen would become human capital for the U.S. Corporation, once we were born and issued a birth certificate.

    Our "organic Constitution" has since been replaced with this corporate constitution that the British controlled dictatorship in Washington D.C. has used to destroy our inherent rights as American citizens. Washington D.C. is the front for the British Empire, and its puppet oligarchy in the United States.

    - James F. Marino

    The Missing 13th Amendment


    Date 08/01/91

    David Dodge, Researcher

    Alfred Adask, Editor


    In the winter of 1983, archival research expert David Dodge, and former Baltimore police investigator Tom Dunn, were searching for evidence of government corruption in public records stored in the Belfast Library on the coast of Maine.

    By chance, they discovered the library's oldest authentic copy of the Constitution of the United States (printed in 1825). Both men were stunned to see this document included a 13th Amendment that no longer appears on current copies of the Constitution. Moreover, after studying the Amendment's language and historical context, they realized the principle intent of this "missing" 13th Amendment was to prohibit lawyers from serving in government.

    So began a seven year, nationwide search for the truth surrounding the most bizarre Constitutional puzzle in American history -- the unlawful removal of a ratified Amendment from the Constitution of the United States. Since 1983, Dodge and Dunn have uncovered additional copies of the Constitution with the "missing" 13th Amendment printed in at least eighteen separate publications by ten different states and territories over four decades from 1822 to 1860.

    In June of this year, Dodge uncovered the evidence that this missing 13th Amendment had indeed been lawfully ratified by the state of Virginia and was therefore an authentic Amendment to the American Constitution. If the evidence is correct and no logical errors have been made, a 13th Amendment restricting lawyers from serving in government was ratified in 1819 and removed from our Constitution during the tumult of the Civil War.

    Since the Amendment was never lawfully repealed, it is still the Law today. The implications are enormous.

    The story of this 'missing' Amendment is complex and at times confusing because the political issues and vocabulary of the American Revolution were different from our own. However, there are essentially two issues: What does the Amendment mean? and, Was the Amendment ratified? Before we consider the issue of ratification, we should first understand the Amendment's meaning and consequent current relevance. "


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    Editor's Note:Mae Brussell was one of the first conspiracy theorists in the United States, and is today considered to be one of the best. The granddaughter of the department store magnate I Magnin, Brussell first began her foray into the conspiracy genre when she realized that the Warren Commission Report did not make sense. This motivated Brussell to do her own comprehensive research on the JFK assassination, which would become a reference that many alternative journalists would use in their investigations of this coupe d' etat.

    In fact, Brussell's book on the JFK assassination proves that the Warren Commission Report was nothing but a series of lies, in order to conceal the identities of the real murderers of President John F. Kennedy.

    The 9-11 Commission Report is just as fraudulent as the Warren Commission Report, and being used by the same shadow government to conceal its role in the murders of thousands of Americans on 9-11-2001.

    Mae Brussell; UC Santa Cruz Lecture on
    NWO Plans (1st US Conspiracy Broadcaster 1973-88)
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