Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"The Falling Man" - The Victims Who Were Murdered By Their Own Government On 9-11 Now Symbolize The People's Fight To Take Back Their Country

"The Falling Man" Documentary

Americans Can Never Forget The Sacrifice That The Victims Of 9-11 Were Forced To Make Or The Suffering That Their Families Have Since Endured.

These men and women were intentionally murdered so that the Bush 43 Administration and its Project For A New American Century overlords would have a plausible reason to attack Afghanistan and Iraq for profit.

A war for oil and natural gas that was planned at least a decade before 9-11-2001, by members of the Zionist think-tank: Project For A New American Century.

As Is The Case With All Government Conspiracies, 9-11 Whistleblowers Continue To Be Murdered, As We've Seen In The Cases Of Barry Jennings And Beverly Eckert, As Well As Many Others Who Would Not Allow The U.S. Federal Government To Conceal Its Complicity In These Terrorist Attacks. As Voltaire Once Stated, "It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong."

In post 9-11 America, the specter of outright Totalitarianism looms over the American people, as the U.S. Military Intelligence complex utilizes a national fusion center domestic spy network, to turn America into a nation of communal spies and snitches; those citizens who report back to the fusion centers, in what can only be described as the Orwellian nightmare that writer George Orwell predicted for this planet in 1984.

Through its INFRAGUARD program, the FBI and DHS have managed to turn corporate American into another venue for the Military Intelligence complexes domestic spy apparatus.

The nuclear family has all but been destroyed. Our economy is in shambles, our currency is nearly worthless, our nation is about to be dissolved, and its land and inhabitants incorporated into a union with Mexico and Canada, as part of a global dictatorship.

The mainstream media continues to conceal this by lying to the American people, and functioning as the propaganda machine for the British-Zionist dictatorship that already oversees this entire planet.

What's worse is that most Americans have become so brainwashed that they still don't understand what is happening to their nation, or their communities. They are that engulfed in the fraudulent war on terror.

A act of brainwashing that remains unprecedented in our time. A corporation which poses behind the facade of a government that makes enormous demands on the American citizenry, while refusing to answer even their most basic questions.

A citizenry secretly branded as cattle through a furtive national brain fingerprinting program, many of whom continue to be used as targets of non consensual human experimentation.

Will Americans allow a repeat of the Nazi Holocaust, and go quietly to their demise, or will they learn from history this time around and fight to the death to defend their inherent rights as citizens of our Constitutional Republic?

- James F. Marino

Richard W. Behan's "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" - Richard Behan Has Done An Excellent Job Of Identifying The Collusion Between The Bush 43 Administration And The Project For A New American Century In Fomenting Terrorist Attacks Which Were Perpetrated With A Specific Agenda - To Steal Iraqi Oil & Natural Gas Reserves & To Take Control Of Afghanistan In Order To Construct A Pipeline From The Caspian Sea Through Afghanistan - Three Thousand Americans Paid For This Conspiracy With Their Lives On 9-11-2001, Thousands Of American Soldiers Have Paid With Their Lives, And Over A Million Iraqi's And Afghani's Have Paid With Their Lives

Outspoken 9-11 Widow & Activist Beverly Eckert, Dies In A Mysterious Plane Crash Just A Week After Attempting To Convince Barack Obama To Create A New 9-11 Commission - Was Eckert's Plane Taken Down With A Directed Weapon, And By An Intelligence Community Seeking To Cover Up Crimes Against Humanity That Are On Par With Those of Adolph Hitler?
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