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In His "September Clues" Documentary, Simon Shack Makes A Compelling Arguement That Cruise Missiles Struck The WTC Towers & Pentagon

FBI Agents Commit Their Crimes With Impunity From Prosecution, Even When These Crimes Involve The Torture And Cold Blooded Murders Of American Citizens - In The Case Of The Now Infamous Ruby Ridge Incident, An FBI Agent By The Name Of Lon Horiuchi Shot A Young Woman Through The Head, Killing Her Instantly - The Woman, Victoria Weaver, Did Not Have A Weapon, But Was Instead Holding Her 10 Month Old Baby Daughter In Her Arms - As Vicki Weaver Collapsed, Her Baby Fell To The Ground, Fortunate To Have Only Received Some Bruises - Had The Child Hit Her Head Should Could Have Easily Been Killed - Instead Of Being Tried For Murder As Lon Horiuchi Should Have Been, Horiuchi Was Promoted And Given A Pay Raise

Were John F. Kennedy And The Lindbergh Baby Murdered By The Same People? And If So, Why?

Simon Shack's "September Clues" Documentary On 9-11

Did Satellite Camouflaged Missiles

Destroy The WTC Towers & Damage The Pentagon?

Author: James F. Marino

In the above documentary, producer Simon Shack makes a compelling argument that the attacks which took place on 9-11-2001 employed the use of holographic technology which was used to cloak cruise missiles that struck the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers.

Shack has also posited that both the U.S. and British media systems were involved in the 9-11 false flag operation, and that a significant amount of the footage of the attacks supplied by both media were electronically altered computer generated images.

This would certainly account for the FBI's refusal to release all but one of the videotapes which it seized from the Pentagon and its surrounding areas on 9-11-2001, since these tapes were taken in real time, and would likely have captured video which would have shown something other than a 757 crashing into the Pentagon, which would have immediately proved that the Bush 43 Administration and the U.S. Congress had both lied to the American people, and were in fact involved in a treasonous conspiracy to destroy the United States.

This would also also prove that the FBI was used to confiscate (and likely destroy) any evidence which would prove that the U.S. Federal Government has in fact lied to the American people in order to protect the real conspirators behind these attacks.

As criminal conspiracies go, the one which was perpetrated on 9-11-2001 is one of the worst executed black operations in history, with myriad anomalies which prove that the 9-11 Commission's Report must be considered to be a complete hoax, used as part of the 9-11 false flag disinformation campaign.

This conspiracy has left us with so many loose ends, that it's not only permanently damaged the credibility of the U.S. Federal Government, but has most Americans wondering why the Bush 43 Administration was not tried for its high crimes of treason.

Of equal interest is that if three missiles struck the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, whatever became of three of the four planes which were alleged to have been hi-jacked that day?

Were these flights real? Or were they just part of the fictional scenario that those who planned and carried out the 9-11 false flag operation used as part of their deception of the American people?

Moreover, if the planes never actually left the airports that they were scheduled to fly out of, then this makes the airlines, and even more importantly the FAA complicit in the 9-11 cover up.

And if the flights were faked, then so were the passenger lists for these flights.

It's already been determined that the alleged phone calls made from two of the flights were faked. Which makes perfect sense if the flights themselves were phoney, and just part of the 9-11 false flag operation.

Furthermore, what has become apparent over the past decade is that this false flag operation involved an extremely complex conspiracy which not only included the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, including the military intelligence complex, but also the media, the FAA and at least two airlines.

Who's Pulling The Strings?

The Machinations Behind

The Implementation Of World Government

Given that this black operation was perpetrated for the express purpose of attacking Afghanistan and Iraq as well as destroying the U.S. Bill of Rights under the pretense of conducting a war on terror, there is no doubt who is at its very core.

Those who have been secretly controlling the U.S. corporate government for the past century, and those who are responsible for the present implementation of a global dictatorship under the guise of the "war on terror" propaganda for this false flag operation - the British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild Zionist banksters; those who took control of the United States in 1913 when the corporate government which operates in Washington D.C. defaulted on payments owed to the British Monarchy.

Instead of liquidating the United States in order to pay this debt to the Monarchy, the British Monarchy simply took control of the United States with help from the Rothschilds' Zionist banking cartel, which used certain corrupt members of Congress to commit another high crime of treason in their passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which led to the creation of the Federal Reserve System - part of the Rothschilds' global banking cartel.

As such, it is the Federal Reserve System which has controlled the U.S. Federal Government since 1914. And the Federal Reserve's Board Of Governors answers directly to the Rothschilds in London, which makes the American citizenry unwitting subjects of the British Crown and its Zionist banksters.

- James F. Marino

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