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Journalist Jane Burgermeister Was Demonized For Exposing A Genocidal Plot To Infect Americans With A Biological Weapon Disguised As A Vaccine

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  • Investigative Journalist Jane Burgermeister
    Incarcerated For Telling The Truth
    Regarding The Genocidal Policy Of The Illuminati

    Editor's Note: As more Americans begin to realize that there is in fact a criminal conspiracy being waged against them which involves the implementation of a world government, as well as the destruction of America and her people, and a genocidal agenda which involves the use of everything from geophysical manipulation of our weather conditions (which are responsible for many of the catastrophes which on the surface appear to be of natural origins), to this oligarchy's use in deploying biological and chemical warfare against us (bioweapons disseminated under the guise of being vaccines as well as the chemical trails which continue to litter the skies above us), they will rise up against this invasion of their country and destroy the interlopers who continue to secretly perpetuate it.

    In this case the interlopers being the British Monarchy, its House of Rothschild money trust, and their Vatican overlords.

    This conspiracy is so enormous that it defies comparison. And only the American citizen who is freed from their media induced brainwashing can truly begin to understand that the present government in the United States is nothing but a pawn being used in the destruction of the American middle class.

    A corporation cleverly disguised as a government, which continues to threaten the very existence of the American middle class, who are being denied employment with the intent of bankrupting them, while making them homeless. The intent here is to force otherwise honest citizens into taking part in criminal activity simply to obtain the basic necessities in life, so that these people can then be incarcerated.

    Imagine if you will, the entire middle class of a nation being incarcerated for stealing food, because they were being starved to death as the result of a furtive plot to prevent them from seeking employment, and you can begin to understand what is already taking place in the United States. A form of class warfare perpetrated against Americans by the corporate elite under the direction of the Anglo-Zionist cabal that controls the United States.

    Enslaved To The British Monarchy

    The ultimate goal of the British Monarchy and its accomplices as pertains to the United States is to destroy the American people, through such plausibly deniable means, having taken them from within the borders of their own nation.

    The primary reason that the British nobility intended to establish central banks within the United States was to take control of our economy and government. This is why the House of Rothschild kept creating new central banks until they finally succeeded in maintaining one which could no longer be subjected to the revocation of its charter.

    Most Americans don't realize that the first bank in the United States was in fact a Rothschild central bank (The First Bank Of The United States) as was the second. The first of these banks was abolished when the Congress voted not to renew its 2o year charter. Congress actually renewed the charter of the second of these banks, however, President Andrew Jackson vetoed the vote and the Rothschilds were sent packing.

    It wasn't until the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1914, that the Rothschilds and the British Monarchy were able to concretize their plot to take furtive control of the U.S. Federal Government, which they have succeeded in doing.

    The Federal Reserve has a much longer charter now, which is due to expire within the next few years. However, the charter will simply be renewed quietly without the Federal Reserve's Board Of Governors ever being challenged by whomever the next U.S. President is.

    That is how successful the Anglo-Zionist cabal who controls the United States has been. They treat Americans as if we have no rights at all, because the U.S. Constitution is a corporate constitution, and the U.S. Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to this Constitution (also created in 1871) is completely ignored.

    Moreover, when it comes time for the Federal Reserve to elect a new chairman, they create a list of men which they then submit to the U.S. President, who appoints the chairman of the Fed from this list.

    So in essence, it is the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors who chooses the person who is going to head the central bank; the President's appointment is merely a formality.

    Moreover, the genocidal policy of this triumvirate (The Vatican, House Of Rothschild & British Monarchy) involves the murders of billions of people around this planet within the next few decades, in the interest of artificially "thinning out" the Earth's human population, so that the British Monarchy and their accomplices can have complete access to the remaining and scarce natural resources that were once abundant.

    When one becomes aware of their intent to play God with the lives of the Earth's population, it becomes logical that these overlords would attempt to implement domestic spy technologies which can be used to electronically brand each citizen, so that every American can be instantly identified by this oligarchy.

    And this makes the testimony of NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and a plot to brain fingerprint the American people, all the more plausible.

    Especially given the testimony of thousands of people who have taken to the Internet to describe their own experiences being satellite tracked, subjected to their thoughts being remotely read, while they are used for various forms of non consensual human experimentation. Virtually all of these people also report that they are being targeted for the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, which has been reported throughout the United States, as well as on every continent on this planet.

    So why should any American citizen whose inherent rights have been violated so egregiously not speak out against a government that is clearly responsible for these violations?

    Furthermore, and in keeping with the U.S. Federal Government's Orwellian agenda, the Nazi idealized concept of the fusion center has now been reported in a myriad of countries, including the United States. All part of the covert implementation of an Anglo-Zionist world government agenda.

    Moreover, as the American people gradually awaken to the fact that they are the subjects of a national brain fingerprinting program (because they are), they will take back their Constitutional Republic from the British Monarchy, by repealing the Legislative Act of 1871 (which nullified our real Constitution and created the present corporate constitution which Americans have been saddled with for the past 140 years), repealing the Federal Reserve Act and the 16Th Amendment (neither of which were ever legally ratified), and abolishing the Federal Reserve central bank and the Internal Revenue Service, both of which this Anglo-Zionist alliance have used to loot the United States of America.

    - James F. Marino

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