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Another Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Organized Stalking Describes The Use Of Directed Energy Weapons To Damage A Tree

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  • A Network Of Fusion Centers Across The United States Is Responsible For The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking. These Fusion Centers Must Be Dissolved.

    Former Governor Jesse Ventura Investigating The Network Of Fusion Centers Which Have Been Used To Turn The United States Of America Into A Police State

    Editor's Note: This author has routinely written about the NSA's use of directed energy weaponry on my person as well as other Family members. I have also witnessed animals on my property behaving in what can only be described as "mind controlled" fashion. Over the past decade I have also seen *healthy trees ripped out at their roots, having been knocked over by some form of directed energy weapon. Some of these trees were more than eighty feet high.

    * After writing this post yesterday, this morning a large branch falls from a tree in the front of our property. Coincidence or another instance of electronic warfare?

    The uprooting has always taken place at night, and a cracking sound (directed energy beamed against the trees?) could be heard before these trees were actually knocked down.

    In the Spring of 2010 a tree was strategically damaged to land on the power line which connects to our home. The part of the tree which fell was so heavy, that its weight on the power line actually ripped the electronic mast connecting this pole to the side of our home out of its foundation, causing us to lose power for three days, until the repairs could be done.

    This author has also experienced artificial manipulation of the weather, in which gusts of wind at nearly tornado velocity pass through our property and within a matter of seconds subside.

    HAARP technology can be used to manipulate the weather at any coordinates chosen on the face of this planet, and has been used in the past to artificially create disasters which on the surface appear to be natural in their origins.

    Organized stalking target Mark Rich, who has also written about his experiences as a target of non consensual human experimentation, describes a similar situation of his own in the following comment:

    "November 17, 2008 - This morning I noticed yet another tree was knocked down near the cabin I stay in. This is the only tree on the farm that had fallen, presumably the evening before or in the early morning hours. This tree happened to be knocked down in a manner which positioned it directly across the path from the cabin to the house. I checked it to make sure it wasn't one of the ones which was already damaged from the storm last year, & just fell due to gravity or other factors. It wasn't. It was a perfectly healthy tree that had been cut off at about 5 feet high. The inner portion of the tree was white, which distinguished it from the exposed inner portion of the other broken trees in the area, which are grayish.

    I don't know if the wind, lightning or "other" broke it apart. I noticed no storm the night before & no other vegetation or structures on the farm were damaged; only that single tree. It leads me to wonder how this tree was broken off at 5 feet; like some type of force just cut it in two. If this was weather warfare as well, it may have been a follow-up to my writings a few days ago (November 12), when I began my description of the weather attacks that I suspect are being waged against me. I've noticed these follow-up tactics are used often when I'm explaining an event. (*) It happens in a way that I'll be attacked using the exact same technology which I'm in the process of explaining. This illustrates the arrogance of these people who have access to this technology."

    - Mark Rich (The Hidden Evil Website)

    Our government officials are well aware that these crimes are taking place on a national scale and originate within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, yet have done nothing to stop them, out of fear that they would become targeted for such non consensual human experimentation.

    This is a further illustration that the United States is a country in name only, and that in fact the USA is a British crown colony whose leadership functions as an extension of the British monarchy.

    - James F. Marino

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