Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Veteran Of The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking Shares Some Insights On How To Survive This Nightmare

The Philosophy Of An Organized Stalking Target

Survival Of The Wisest

The above video was made by an organized stalking target named Rachel. This particular video was made several years after an earlier video which Rachel uploaded to Youtube in order to describe her experiences as a target of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking.

In this latest video Rachel shares some of her experiences on how to survive this vigilante hate crime.

Anyone who's been targeted for the psychological warfare oriented crime of organized stalking can empathize with Rachael's frustration in having to deal with this nightmare on a daily basis.

What Rachael is describing is the fall of the constitutional rule of law in the United States, and the emergence of a Draconian and evil society in which those who take part in such crimes have already lost virtually every aspect of their humanity.

As such, the fight against this Illuminati driven obscenity to basic human rights must continue no matter what the cost.

Rachel discusses her experiences as a target of organized stalking, while focusing on some of the specific tactics used by these criminals, including gaslighting.

It is clear that Rachael has learned to survive this egregious violation of her inherent rights as both an American citizen and as an occupant of this planet.

And given the ways in which these federally sanctioned groups of organized stalkers can destroy the relationships of virtually anyone, Rachael is also correct when she says that as a TI, the only person whom you can trust is yourself.

Especially when one considers how these organized stalking reprobates have destroyed the relationships between myriad families in the past, as part of the Anglo-Zionist agenda for a world Totalitarian government.

And even though she is physically and mentally exhausted from her ordeal, Rachael is still beautiful and highly spirited. Hopefully, she will continue to remember this since it is what will get her through this nightmare, because it is this indomitable human spirit that TI's like Rachael exude, which the Illuminati are striving to destroy.

However, it will be this indomitable human spirit which ultimately destroys those whose intent is to enslave the people of this planet with their electronic warfare technology.

Keep the faith, Rachael!

Rachael's Website:

  • Rachel's Blog On Organized Stalking

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