Friday, March 27, 2009

Osler's Web By Hillary Johnson -- Book Documenting The History Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Its Origins & The Devastation That It Continues To Cause

U.S. Military's Bio-Weapons Deployed Against Americans

As a long term sufferer of chronic Lyme Disease (A biological weapon created by the U.S. Military), I am forever researching the origins of other chronic illnesses which I believe were created as such weapons, and with the express intent by the U.S. Federal Government of causing serious harm to American citizens.

I am in the process of reading researcher Hillary Johnson's Osler's Web, which I recommend to anyone who'd like to learn more about how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome came to devastate the United States, while the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes Of Health (NIH) did everything possible in which to obscure the seriousness of this illness from the American public.

The CDC and NIH have done the same with many other illnesses which appear to be of manmade origins, including Lyme Disease. For decades, the CDC has deliberately underreported the cases of Lyme Disease in each state, and has played an integral role in propagating the post Lyme syndrome fraud which it's used to discredit legitimate sufferers of chronic Lyme Disease.

You can purchase Osler's Web at the following link:

One of many *syndromes which continue to plague medical researchers because of a conspiracy in which to prevent the public from learning of who's responsible for creating these devastating illnesses.

*A syndrome is the term used for an illness whose origins have not been discovered. Once the causitive agent behind a syndrome has been discovered, it ceases to be a syndrome, and is then classified as a disease.

U.S. Department Of Defense Financed AIDS Virus

Most Americans have been led by the U.S. Media to believe that illnesses like Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and many other chronic neuro degenerative illnesses are natural in their origins, when they were in fact engineered in government laboratories like Fort Detrick and Plum Island, and later disseminated into the human population by various means, in order to test their effectiveness.

Why Does The U.S. Federal Government Find It Necessary To Create Bioweapons To Then Secretly Test On The American Population?

Because No American In Their Right Mind Would Ever Agree To Being Infected With A Biological Weapon Which Could Result In The Destruction Of Their Health & Finances.

How Was It That Dr. Robert Gallo Discovered The Retrovirus That Is The Causative Agent Behind AIDS? Because He And His Team Of Virologists Created This Retrovirus Nearly A Decade Before The AIDS Outbreak Began, While Gallo Headed Up The National Cancer Institute.

Read Dr. Len Horowitz' "Emerging Diseases: AIDS & Ebola" to learn more about how Drs. Robert Gallo and Don Francis worked together to create this virus. Gallo and Francis were represented in the movie "As The Band Played On" as rivals, with Francis being portrayed as the good scientist & Gallo as the selfish and mean spirited one.

However, in reality both worked together on the creation of the AIDS retrovirus back in the 1960's while under a grant from the Pentagon; one which called for the creation of a pathogen which would destroy the immune system. The retrovirus AIDS was the result of this research under Gallo's National Cancer Institute team of virologists.

There is also compelling evidence to suggest that the retrovirus HIV does not cause AIDS, which would completely discredit the movie "And The Band Played On" as well as the book from which it was derived; both of which appear to serve the federal government's disinformation agenda, hiding the fact that the research behind the creation of AIDS was financed by the Pentagon, whose interests focused on the creation of a biological weapon which could be anonymously deployed with the intention of committing mass genocide.

(As we have seen in the AIDS outbreak in South Africa. Millions of people from around the world, including many within the United States, have died from AIDS, and millions more are infected with this government created genocidal weapon.)

Dr. Horowitz' book " Emerging Viruses: AIDS & EBOLA" can be downloaded for free from the following Website.

It is a well written piece of investigative journalism which proves that the Pentagon was behind the creation of AIDS. Click on the hyperlink to learn more about this mass government deception of the American people.

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